Crawling sensation in eye

I developed this crawling sensation in my right eye about a month ago. I thought it was med related since I started verapamil at that time, but I’m not so sure now. It seems to get less severe when I put on either glasses or sunglasses. Is this a migraine symptom? I’ve been to the opthamologist, and he doesn’t have any answers. My appointment with the neuro is another 3 weeks away. Has anyone out there experienced a similar symptom?

I don’t get so much a crawling sensation in my eye but more of a twitching sensation in my right eye only. I am always afraid people will think I am winking at them. When I asked the Dr. he told me it was eye fatigue or strain. I think trying to concentrate so much on not tipping over or keeping your world upright causes eye muscle fatigue.

Let us know what the Dr. says.

Well this is interesting.
I started to get weirdness in my eye a year ago , before the dizziness really set in , and when the dizziness was occasional …and before I knew about MAV.
It felt like my right eye was drooping all the time, but it never was. It felt like I kept needing to pull up my eye brow to open up my eye, sometimes it felt like my right eye was wet, like I had a wet hole instead of an eye. Like it is a bit gooey, although it always looks normal.
Now I know I have MAV , and am doing well and feeling almost better , the eye is still the thing that is like my first symptom to kick in when I get slightly dizzy or the thing that I often feel even when I feel ok in every other way. When my eye feels normal , I know I am having a really fabulous day.
I asked about this and my Dr seemed to have no idea why , and suggested I try to think away from my eye, which I try to do !

Funny that I also started to get a constant twitching / flickering in my left eye. Not just a sensation, it really did twitch. Through trial or error I noticed that this happened when I took my supplement of fish oil or primrose oil, and stopped the same day if I did not take it. I tried stopping and starting 6 times so know it was directly related. Maybe the gelatin…? if I take vitamins without gelatin capsules I have no problem.

So that cured the eye twitch in the left , but the wet hole in the right still bothers me often.
That is the story of my eyes !