Crying and migraine

I wondered if crying can trigger a migraine because I was crying for hours yesterday and I developed a really horrible throbbing pain on the left side of my brain. It went on all night and I have only just managed to calm it down with ibuprofen. I had to take it even though I shouldn’t because the pain was bad. However, when I get actual headaches it doesn’t seem to affect the dizziness, just makes me feel worse generally as you would expect. So I don’t really get it because if migraine is causing dizziness then how can I get another migraine with headache on top of that that doesn’t affect the dizziness? x

Yes I always get headaches when I cry too so its not uncommon. I would think its tension not true migraine.

Hows the dizziness Jem? You need to get on those new meds fast so your better in time for XMas I think they take weeks to work, Ive stopped worrying about side effects now I will take anything X

Yes probably is tension of the muscles. This happened last time after the big bang that set all this off and then I cried every day for about 6 months. I seem to be doing it again and I can’t help it. I don’t know what happens to my brain!

Dr Silver’s secretary is apparently going to type the letter today, give it to Dr Silver to sign on monday and then it should be sent out mid-week. It’s not quick is it! I then need to get my GP to issue prescriptions. I emailed Dr Surenthiran as I am tempted to see him, he sounds sympathetic. His secretary said:

Dear Jemma,
We have shown your email to Dr Surenthiran and he sympathises with your plight. Unfortunately he sees patients with
an almost identical story to yours on a very regular basis. There is very little he can do over the phone and he would suggest a
face to face consultation where he does routinely go through all the points you enquired about in your email. You will probably
find it well worth the effort of coming to see him. If you do want to do so, he can either see you as an NHS patient in Medway, Kent or privately at various hospitals in Kent, South-East and Central London. Please let us know.
Kind Regards,
Dr Surenthiran’s Secretarial Service.

It is £250 for a first appt privately. I won’t be able to do nhs as only just seen Dr Silver.

Who do you see Donna? x

crying gives me stabbing pain above my eyes, i think its migraine related.

Crying is one of my strongest triggers and without a doubt it is migraine, not just tension only.
If I cry for more than 5 mins, I will be wiped out and have the floaty head feeling for at least 2days and in so much pain.

Hard not to cry sometimes when your SO frustrated at this crap, I know!

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere maybe in heal your headache that crying can trigger.

For the person sayin they’ve just seen dr silver and are wondering whether to see dr s- I thought dr silver was one of the highest regarded docs in this field. Dr s is great yes, i see him and think hea wonderful, but what do you feel you’ll get from dr s that you aren’t from dr silver?


Hi Jem,

Crying is a well-documented trigger I’m afraid. S

Hi Jem , yes crying will definitely make the headaches worse. I cried almost constantly for the first six months of having this
It seems to be taking ages to get your new meds. They don’t rush do they? Do you think you will feel better by seeing Dr S if he is more sympathetic?
Anne x

Oh god so crying is a trigger that explains it then. Can’t cry or eat chocolate! This is terrible.

Thanks for the replies.

MM I guess I wanted to see Dr Surenthiran because so many here see him and have good things to say and it sounds as though he is sympathetic to dizzy people as he sees them every day. Also he may be able to explain things to me and it would be good to have a second opinion I think.

Dizzyanne - I was just the same, cried every day at first for at least 6 months probably 9 months. I don’t want to do it again though. Yes I think I would feel better if I saw Dr S but it would be a lot of upheaval as I live about 5 hours away from him and I would have to pay privately this time x

A good cry makes me feel better, always has, at least since I’ve been an adult. For my sweetie, not a migraneur, crying makes things worse. Go figure.

I was on a branch of the Anacostia River for an hour today in a kayak, very visually peaceful, and I felt like crying. Dunno exactly why. Held it in, though, and not through conscious decision–too public. Maybe also too peaceful!