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Cyclic vomiting Syndrome

Hi all,

Was wondering if you or particularly your children suffered from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS)?

My daughter (aged 7) for years now suddenly gets extremely nauseous and vomits for many days. We are onto the second day now. It is not gastro and I have been the doc many times to get a diagnosis of CVS!

This is a migraine variant that presents in childhood.

To say the guilts have spiked is an understatement. I didn’t have this, my migraines started late teenage - hood.

I’m now trying to research prognosis. This frequently develops into classic headache migraine (poor thing) but is it anyone’s experience this is a precursor for vestibular migraines or chronic migraines?

She’s only 7 and it’s hard to watch.

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Wow, I’m so sorry for you and your daughter.

I had repetitive vomiting when I was a kid on a somewhat regular basis. No real diagnosis. It happened so frequently, my mom would just let it run it course, keep me hydrated and ease me into the BRAT diet.

I never ever thought that it could be related to migraine.

Hi, so you actually may have had this. When did it transform to classic /vestibular migraine for you?

My first traditional migraine was my senior year in college. I never felt that type of pain before. It came with light sensitivity and nausea. I had to remain very still in a dark room until it passed.

Then I really didn’t have any migraine issues - that were diagnosed anyway. Lots of chronic sinusitis diagnosis, so perhaps that may have been more. But honestly, it was not so disruptive that I couldn’t work/go to school for an extended period of time like this episode that I’m experiencing now since last September.

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Maybe she ate something that trigger her migraines and caused her to vomit. What were her food intakes or activities before the incident happened?

Nothing out of the usual. It lasted 4 days this time. I’m starting a diary. Might report back with some patterns. Would still love to hear whether anyone’s migraines began this way. Hopefully someone sees this one day and replies.

Though, what’s your daughter’s feeling after vomiting? According to study, vomiting may help with migraine headache symptoms, because it changes blood flow to reduce pain or inflammation and releases chemicals that ease pain, such as endorphins.