Cycling, cycling, cycling

Do you guys constantly cycle with this junk?

I swear I’m a text book MARD case from that paper by Furman et al (

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“… dizziness caused by migraine, or dizziness caused by anxiety; alternatively, migraine or anxiety may influence the presentation of a balance disorder. For example, chronic dizziness may become more disabling during the added stress of a migraine headache or panic attack. In addition, dizziness occurs comorbidly with both migraine headache and anxiety disorders. Finally, there is increased comorbidity between anxiety and migraine.”

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I find myself living in one of three states with only the occasional (once a month) day off from all of it – though I had two solid weeks off post Paxil. So it’s either non-stop anxiety and sleepless hellish, tripped out nights, or I’m dizzy all day long with anxiety sprinkled in there too at times or I just have solid back-to-back head and neck pain from the minute i step out of the shower in the morning. I’ve just come out of a 2-3 week anxiety phase (was eating valium like Smarties)… last week there was tons of visual vertigo and now it’s all severe headache and I feel totally calm – no valium needed.

I got a script for Wellbutrin last week so about to have a go at this soon. No effect on serotonin so hoping it won’t ramp up headache but it could cause anxiety given the noradrenalin effect. The trials continue …


My cycling NERVER stops!
Daily Migraines , two migraines a day, WITHOUT fail. :shock:

This is a very interesting article. I am positive this is exactly what I have. Do you know if to have MAV you have to have headaches or some history of headaches? I have never had headaches and never get any. One neurologist told me that my dizziness definitely could be from migraines without any headaches and another one said she had never heard of that and it wasnt possible. So now idk if I just have anxiety, but I’m pretty sure it is a mix of both. The only thing I do get though is neck pain.

I saw a CBT therapist for my anxiety for the first time today so hopefully she will be able to help me out. She told me she thought I was having small panic attacks whenever I am in class or out somewhere when my dizziness gets extremely bad and I get very anxious. She also thought I might have slight social anxiety. She did say that panic attacks don’t cause constant dizziness though so who knows. It all just seems like one vicious cycle!

I never had a headache in my life. When this stuff started, it was all dizziness…nothing else. After a while as I was getting more and more scared about what was wrong (before I ever heard of MAV), I started getting insomnia and bad anxiety and then the headaches came. In the orbital area every day at 3:00…just achey every day for like 3 months. When I started Amitryptaline, they subsided in about 5-7 days. I think I was severely defficient in serotonin, and now that I’m on these meds, I NEVER have headaches. But I was diagnosed by Dr. Hain as having MAV, and my local neuro said it was “Migraine Equivalent”…no headache needed. I thought he was a nutcase since I never had headaches, but after researching I find that no headache is needed for the dx.

I am finding BuSpar to be very helpful, and it is indicated for anxiety. NOT a benzo…non addicting…but like any of these meds, it’s needs a taper to get off. No side effects at all. I’m also on Cymbalta but hope to come off of it or at least
down on my mg. I take a little 5htp at night (25mg) and that helps too…especially with sleeping.