Cymbalta day 2

Hello everyone

Only day 2 on Cymbalta 30g. The first dose really hit hard with unusual flu like side effects - lots of chills and nausea, and of course increased dizziness and blurred vision. I am still shaking like a leaf. Is this a side effect anyone has experienced before with SNRI’s?


Hi Kylie,
Yes, I tried Cymbalta, and had the same side effects. They are terrible. I tried to ride them out in bed. Once checking in with my Neurologist, we decided to move onto another avenue which was Lexapro. I have had no problems with Lexapro. All the best with it.

Thank you for your response, I was beginning to think I was actually getting the flu. I feel like I’m heavily sedated today and have to force myself to put one foot in front of the other. This is not fun! I’m glad the Lexapro treated you better. Maybe I’ll add that one to my list!
Thanks again