CYMBALTA (duloxetine) PREGABLIN (lyrica)

Has anyone had any success or failure with these drugs? The pain clinic where I went for my back suggested these two drugs to cover the vestibular migraine as well. I am due to see the neurologist on 9th April as the vertigo has been half of the week for the last 3 weeks and is taking 12hrs to 2 days to clear (never known it this bad) and I was going to ask him for verapamil. I am confused. Meanwhile, the GP is going to ring me tomorrow to ask me about the drugs suggested in the letter from the pain clinic (the cymbalta and lyrica).

Bearing in mind that I have really bad insomnia, I would be interested in your opinions as to which one to try. Help please!


Well, I tried Lyrica in Jan 2008, but it didn’t work out - for me. I know adam has had success with it.
For me, it (at 3x50 mg a day) made me sleep really well (too well! Like 12-13 hours a night and still really tired daytime) and gave me a bad migraine attacks like 3 out of 4 days. I started tapering down within a week. From what I hear, the excessive tiredness can wear off, but the migraines were just out of control, which were kind of the opposite of my reason of taking it.

As for cymbalta, it is (in theory!) related to Effexor, and there are people on this board taking it. The thread should still be on the first page somewhere :slight_smile:

Hi. I just started on Cymbalta (20 mg…lowest dose) about two weeks ago. I am actually feeling pretty good. I have noticed an improvement with the dizziness, and the “drunk” feeling that was constant seems to be getting better too. I still feel a bit foggy but it seems to be getting better every day. I am pretty med sensitive and I have not had any problems taking Cymbalta. I take it in the morning because it makes me a little jittery. The first time I took it was at night and I couldn’t sleep. I have not noticed any increase in headaches either (although my headaches aren’t my main problem…it’s the dizziness). I am hoping that the improvements continue and I will be feeling more and more like myself as time goes on. Good luck with whatever you decide!!

I wonder if effexor generally is more effective than cymbalta :o

Thanks for the input. Glad you seen to be doing well on the cynbalta Colleen, I think I will probably opt for that one. Bit worried about the insomnia part, as others have said it causes this, but will try taking it in the morning.

The lyrica doesnt sound like my sort of thing! Who knows, it is all trial and error, trouble is, mostly error!