Has anyone been prescribed cymbalta for their MAV? I tried topamax but had to stop it due to the side effects, so my neurologist is recommending cymbalta next. He specializes in migraine, but I don’t think he has a lot of MAV experience, so I was wondering if anyone on the forum had had any success with cymbalta for the vertigo.


Hi Allison,

Here’s a reply i posted under the soooooo tired topic, hope this helps you:

I haven’t been in the forum for a few weeks now. I feel so bad when I read these stories, and know that I pray for you if it’s a comfort. It helps me :slight_smile: I have a friend who kind of forged the path of vestibular migraine before me. She was treated at Johns Hopkins in Maryland for the VM but the docs felt she had underlying depression - who doesn’t with this miserable deal? She agreed - she’s in her early 60’s taking care of a physically handicapped husband and felt completely housebound with her dizziness and headaches. She also suffers with fibromyalgia and was taking Welbutrin. The neurologist at JHH cut her Welbutrin in half and put her on Cymbalta, which has been shown to improve symptoms of fibromyalgia. Her dizziness cleared up in less than a week and has stayed at bay. She says every now and then she can feel it coming on but just slows down and it subsides. She’s done very well with the fibromyalgia as well and her doc said that even after the 6 month trial period he’s just going to keep her on the meds. Hope this helps, maybe you’re suffering from more than just MAV.

Take care

Thanks, Lisa. I did try the cymbalta, but it didn’t seem to help me. My headaches were actually worse on it, and I had some side effects that made it hard to stay on it. It does sound like it was a great drug for your friend though, and it is supposed to help chronic pain, so that seems like a good fit with fibromyalgia. For me, it is on to the next medication…

Thanks again,