Daith Piercing anyone?

Hiya has anybody had the daith piercing for migraine relief. Im going to try it

Ive not tried it …i tried accupunture and that did nothing and i assume it works on the same lines.
My advice would be to try accupunture first before committing to this.
My best friend was cured of migraine with accupunture but i think hers was stress related and she never had vertigo.

Thanks for your reply. I would like to try accupuncture too but its very expensive where I live. Im also thinking of seeing a chiropractor but im worried it will make things worse. I already have many ear piercings so i will definitely try the daith piercing and ive found someone who specialises in them especially for migraines and not just body jewellery. Only prob is hes about 4hrs down the country.

Did it work for dizziness?