Dandelion Root??

I actually have had dandelion root in my arsenal for awhile. I just never tried a full dose (3 capsules per day). It’s been a miracle worker - at least 75% myself again. Not sure if it’s the diuretic properties or the anti-inflammatory but I’ll take a win when I can!

Saw the neurologist on Monday and he no longer thinks it’s MAV but rather Vestibular Neuritis. He can’t prescribe dandelion root of course, but if it’s working wants me to keep taking it. So for right now, no prescription meds except my thyroid medicine. He thinks this could absolutely be viral in nature, however since I currently have no signs of a viral outbreak (fever, rash, cold sores, etc.) he will not prescribe anti virals.

I’ve ordered some L-Lysine just to see if it makes a difference but I wanted to share the Dandelion Root with ya’ll. I also ordered the light blocking glasses and it helps on the computer a lot as well. This group has been a godsend for me! I hope you all keep focusing on the positives and have a wonderful holiday season!


I too spund like you hypothyroidism and mav they say 10 yrs. Any side effects you still feeling great ??? Is the tea ok? How does it help?

Dandelion Root and a low sodium diet have been wonderful. I am looking into DIM, which is a natural supplement to help balance hormones to see it that might get me to 100%, but the dandelion root and low sodium alone have been a Godsend, I would say I am at 80-90% better, still get the full ear feeling, especially before a storm and fluorescent lights still bother me - I’ve gone to the store and to my son’s school to pick him up and I can do it, but I can feel the imbalance and it’s a relief to get out of there. I still have some anxiety and I was never an anxious person before - if I do too much sometimes I need to lay down and “reset” but compared to where I was when this started it’s wonderful. I’m working full time from home but an 8 hour shift with computer and headphones - I was afraid I would never be able to work again, I couldn’t even fix dinner when this started. I stumbled upon Dandelion Root accidentally and I still can’t believe that something so simple made such a huge difference. I hope this helps you - it can’t hurt to try it!

I eat pretty much everything I want with the exception of processed meats - it’s just not worth it! I’ll make a chicken or roast and use the meat from that for sandwiches, etc. I’ve been vertigo free since December. I just make everything at home and if I have to order out I study the menu for the lowest sodium meals. I still avoid fluorescent lights, I just hate that nauseated sea sick feeling but I can do it if I have to, shopping centers, the mall and if I was still working in a regular store I imagine that would be a bit much for me - I was working in automotive sales and switched to a work from home option. I am wondering if this isn’t a hormone imbalance, it would make so much sense as the symptoms all occurred together but no doctor ever suggested that - I am just doing my own research on it, but quite honestly after the Doctors checked me for everything “bad” they really didn’t have an answer, I don’t have Menieres because there is no hearing loss. I was too afraid of the side effects of some of the RXs they wanted me to try, especially when there was no clear cut answer. For me this was 24/7 sensation of being in a boat, it never let up until the day I tried the dandelion root. Valium did help, but it didn’t stop the sensation, it just made it easier to bear. I have had valium in my purse since December and have not taken one. I can watch TV, work on the computer, drive, go for walks - the only thing I still avoid at this point is the lighting but I can do it if I have to - I just avoid it when I can. I hope this helps!

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I just feel hungover during the day awful neck pain amd my attacks are in my sleep and since march this yr well hi anxiety and frar again
I was bed bound for 2 yrs 2015 16 and then ok 17 and as of aug 18 attack in my sleep. I too with the meds we sound so alike! Im going to try the tea tommorow. Whats a day of eating look like for you. Do you follow the heal your headache book. Eat dairy? How will you tackle the future as replapes happen and i think is vm forever? Comes back goes come back goes? Worries me…

I get the neck pain too, I think it’s from trying to hold ourselves very still, and the anxiety makes us tense. I agree, it worries me too that things will never be normal but I’ll take the improvement over where I was. I don’t really follow a diet plan, I just watch my sodium intake and if something makes me feel off (like the bacon did) I don’t do it again, but I eat cheese, have my coffee- too much can make me feel off, not dizzy as much as anxious- I really notice a difference with canned food, boxed foods and processed meats, anything else seems to be fine for me

Hello would you please let us know what brand/dosage dandelion you are taking? I have used dandelion root tea for other things but never considered it for any of my vestibular migraine symptoms. Thank you!

I use nature’s way capsules, I get them from Amazon, so much relief for less than $10! I follow the instructions on the label which is 3 capsules once a day. I usually take mine after lunch. I hope it helps!

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Dandelion Root Capsules
More recommended supplements here.
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Thank you so much. Unfortunately as soon as I saw the reply to my question, I began getting dozens and dozens of emails saying that I had signed up for a zillion things I did not sign up for. Not sure if there’s a connection or not.

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Hello again just wanted to say thank you, I have tried dandelion and it is helping immensely! After taking it for a couple of weeks I started to notice a consistent difference with my plugged ears and the marshmallow floor feeling that I often get. I took it for a while and then ran out. Didn’t think about it for a little while and realized my ears were plugged up again. So I bought it again this month and I’m starting to feel better. Wonder what the heck is in it that makes us feel better? Anyway thank you very much!

Hi I wasn’t really suggesting that it was this site. Whomever was attacking me got my credit card and my email from a site where I made purchases. They decided to try to buy some clothing but they were stopped. Thankfully I caught the charge before it went through my account and was able to stop the shipment of their clothes and reported them to the police and the FBI.

Might just be able to help you there. I’d say it’s because it’s a diuretic. They reckon it only has very mild diuretic properties but I’m non too sure about that. As a teenager in Northern France I remember being sent out to pick dandelion leaves which I thought were to feed the guinea pigs but which turned up dressed in oil n vinegar on the dinner table I found it a very powerful diuretic in days before I’d ever heard the word. Most inconvenient as the house toilet was in a block with those of the rest of the road situated at the far end of a very long garden allotment. Diuretics are known to reduce swelling. I better remember them for giving me very wet feet through some long cold April nights. Helen

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That’s crazy, sorry to hear.

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How have you been feeling? Been a few years i was ok but not good again… fear anxiety cycle has begun…

I am so much better, I still do a low sodium diet, adding hrt (I still have my period like clockwork but definitely I was in perimenopause that was causing at least 90% of my symptoms- Im 51 now but this started for me around 44/45. Within 2 weeks of starting low dose estradiol my dizziness was gone) and a very low dose of prozac. When your hormones shift your serotonin and dopamine levels shift too which can cause anxiety. I maybe have 1 day of headache during my period and sometimes feel a bit off balance in the dark (like taking my dog out at night without a flashlight) but otherwise I am back to normal I am happy to say!

what is the dandelion root supposed to do? is there a mechanism of action?

It’s a natural diuretic, I didn’t take it for the dizziness but found that it helped me a lot.

So lucky, how did you know you were on peri menopause…