Dare I act daring?

Tomorrow (Monday 2/7)'s my birthday, and I’m awfully tempted to chance some foodstuff that I’ve been avoiding since dx. Maybe I’ll work out, then come home and try it, with my system programmed by the exercise to be in good shape.

I really don’t want to have a crappy birthday evening, . . . but I’ve no work scheduled for the day, and if I don’t indulge on my birthday, when?

Go for it David! And happy birthday :smiley:

Yeah, go for it. What the hell? Even if there’s fallout, you’ll come could again after a day no doubt. Enjoy the indulgence and Happy Birthday!


GO for it - I did on my b’day and there were no nasty after effects

Definitely go for it - i was just telling my mother who is 93 and can eat anything she wants that i dont eat pizza any more unless it’s a rice pizza shell and just a bit of sauce and some green chili on it and a tad of cheese thats it and it’s very rare - she said gosh that’s not living!!! that’s how i feel about my life most of the time that i’m not living - everyone i know is out having fun going places and doing things and eating out etc and i’m at home eating my boring food - i’m gonna get brave one of these days and reintroduce some foods too.

Happy Birthday - Enjoy!!!


hope you do something fun too - anything out of the ordinary that you normally don’t do. I hope to do that on my birthday this year - i’m gonna be 54 and feel like i’m not living much right now.


Happy Birthday, David! Go ahead and try some forbidden foods… you may find that a singular indulgence doesn’t have too severe of an impact as opposed to continuous overload on food triggers. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday! How about a large pizza?! Actually you could try indulging without overdoing it…


I think it dosnt hurt to blow out a few cobwebs now and again.
Happy Birthday!
have a great day. :smiley:


Happy Birthday! Hope you had a treat :slight_smile:

Thanks. What a good bunch of supportive friends.

Here’s the report, thus far:

A raisin: Mmmmmm.

A few minutes later, a Ghirardelli 55% cacao chocolate chip: MmmmHmmm . . . but didn’t enjoy the bitter aftertaste, as I lay with its vestiges on my tongue for the next ten minutes.

A salted almond: eh.

Some bits of salted cashew: again, eh.

A few bites of pumpernickel bagel spread with orange marmalade: Ahhhhh.

Treats treats treats. It will be quite enough for me if this smattering of yummy forbidden stuff shows me that I can safely add just a wee bit of this and that into my diet. I might roll some Irish whiskey in my mouth after dinner (and swallow). Perhaps following a nibble of colby.

Wow, way to go, David! Hey, the whiskey sounds goood… At least you’re only trying little bits of things. Don’t know that I’d have that much discipline. I’d probably go for some cake for sure.
Happy Birthday!

— Begin quote from ____

A salted almond: eh.

— End quote

Man, you are living on a knife edge. :lol:

Yeah David - what Scott said. It’s like a birthday party for Mohandas Ghandi! :lol:

Happy, happy birthday!

Have another raisin David, you deserve it! :smiley:

A second raisin, now, come one, Victoria, stop leading him astray :wink:

— Begin quote from “cmoc”

A second raisin, now, come one, Victoria, stop leading him astray :wink:

— End quote

I know. I feel like a raisin pusher. “Go on David, just one more. You know you want to!”.

And for his NEXT birthday David will attempt to eat a sultana!


David hope you are doing well and tolerated the fun food