Dealing with frustration AGAIN

Dealing with frustration AGAIN: Last week I had called my neuro’s office just to give them a bit of feedback on the 2nd Emgality shot as it was quite different from the first month and to just ask if he could give me a little time in the exam room when I go to see him. Well today I got a call from his office that he is referring me to a UNC headache specialist. OMG. And that my visit is a follow up visit and I get 15 minutes total. That’s it. Upon hearing that, I felt so bad: What is it with these neurologists? They can’t take it that I called in to report some symptoms, side effects I was having? They seem to blame me when I don’t respond right to a medication. It seems whoever I go to, just wants to send me to someone else!
Has anyone had to deal with this frustration? How can you trust your doctor like this? All they seem to want is take on more and more patients but not give enough time to existing patients. Why does one go to a doctor then? I don’t want to be referred to anyone else. Symptoms of MAV change all the time for all of us here, why can’t doctors work with you? Feeling down- Is this how it is where you are too?
I’m in the US.