Decaf Oat Latte's ...

… taste goooood! :coffee:

Time for some more lighthearted posting.

Some get really worried about the diet, but I can categorically state now:

I live near an amazing café and so am lucky to be able to access delicious oat latte’s like the one below, made with oat ‘milk’ instead of cow’s milk:

Today, the barista got my order wrong. I nearly spat it out! It was made with cow’s milk :cow:, ew! :nauseated_face:

Just goes to show just how much you can get used to and happy with a new reality!

Two fewer things to grieve :+1: :sun_with_face:

Now for the shameless affiliate link:

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“Oatly” Oat Milk
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Didn’t realise you’d quit dairy? Helen

I haven’t (still have eggs, occasional mayonnaise, for example). But I have tried to cut down my milk intake significantly. Given the amount of (decaf) coffee I was drinking, giving up milk in it was a logical move.

The only reason I’ve been wary of using milk alternatives for breakfast cereal (for example) is the salt content …

Oh that’s high, is it? I’d worry about the lack of calcium avoiding dairy but No I avoid salt as much as possible. I’m sure it adversely affects me. Helen

Yes, a very real concern. I suspect, though, in the West, we consume waaaaay more milk than is necessary?

Quite possibly but I could still argue most migraine Diets are calcium deficient. However I checked out the Oat milk you list and that actually has added calcium and vitamins to make it up to the same level as cows/goats milk as does almond, coconut, soya and various other ‘milk’ alternatives. Apologies Oat Milk! Helen


Haha, I missed that trick, thanks Helen!

Nice as it may be … did they ought to be calling it ‘Oat Latte’? Surely, under Trade Description Law, it should be called ‘Oat Oatee’? Helen

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oh I´ve changed completely to oat milk. I do eat cheese though, try to keep the allowed types (american, goat, cream cheese, and eggs). I love oat milk, it is really tasting!

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