Decided to try Acupuncture

Hi Everybody,

Before I see yet another neurologist…I decided to seek treatment for acupunture last Tuesday. There was no cost because my salary range is very low at this time…only working part-time. The acupunture is done at the Long Beach Veteran’s Hospital. The doctor is treating me for the silent migraine condition and another chronic ailment. She specializes in Eastern Medicine…believes I have poor blood circulation which can be one of the causes of migraine. So she injected a number of disposable needles near the head and feet. Plus electric stimulation also on the temples of my head and feet. My next treatment is supposed to be in a few weeks. I’ve wanted to try this treatment for the longest time. I feel after 17 years of this hell…nothing to lose.

Has anyone here received any help or small bits of improvement from acupunture?


Hi Joe,

Good luck with it. Personally, I’m not a believer but hey, if it’s their dime, what have you got to lose? I’ve had a few sessions over the years but nothing came of it. What did help though was a particular type of head massage the Chinese doc did before the needles. I went back and told them to ditch the needles (I saved 50 bucks) and still got the same result.

Best … Scott

Hi Joe,

I have tried Acupuncture, but I’m not sure if it did anything for me. However, I found that acupressure massage is very relaxing and takes my mind of the dizziness. It helps especially when they massage your whole scalp. I do recommend that.
Good luck I hope it helps. :slight_smile:


I did try acupunture for a number of weeks. It did not do anything for me. Dr. Preisol at Mass Eye and Ear told me that accunpture is good for headache pain but for the dizziness I am better off getting massage on the shoulders, neck, head area. I have not tried it but am anxious to do so. I want to try either massage or acupressure.


I tried it as well, and it didn’t help me at all. also, the doctor who did it kept on telling me that there is no way I could have a migraine for this long, which was frustrating to hear each treatment. But, hey, it is worth a shot. I tried.

Well he is wrong - you can have migraine for this long! It just morphs into different forms. That is what is happening with me and my neurologist who specializes in migraines told me this; I’ve had migraine for over a year!

The Chinese doc I saw last year told me he could “cure” my migraine condition. All it required was 6 sessions at $90 a pop and $60 worth of this herbal drink I was supposed to heat up and down in the morning and at night. The whole thing was laughable really. I did 2 sessions with acupuncture than a third without (massage only) and an occasional head massage after that. The drink actually made me feel really dizzy and tasted horrendous. I felt good after session 3 but it didn’t last long – about 2 days. So hundreds of more dollars down the drain for what I think (and the evidence shows) is just a placebo (I think massage does give real but tempoarary relief however).

Anyway Joe, they’re paying for you to go and relax somewhere for an hour. Sounds great to me. Hope you feel good from it all.

Scott :slight_smile:


I’m sorry the acupunture didnot work for you or for some of the other folks here at the forum. Not that i don’t believe you…but i’d like to give it a try. Nothing too lose…everything to gain…especially after 17 years of HELL! Once I’m finished with the treatments…I will give you a brutally honesty opinion! :slight_smile:


ps. the positive thing going for Acupunture is the treatment has been used for numerous years…for some folks it must give them some temporary relief (depending on the ailment)…and of course I personally don’t believe it gives anyone a Total Cure… and the patient has to adventually return for a tune-up.

Joe - I agree 100%. Go for it - it certainly cannot hurt! Good luck

Thank you Lisa for your support. I figure if acupunture was total bunk many of these acupunture shops would have closed many moons ago…so I believe that some people get some help (no cure) from this. I will keep you posted as to how things go.


please do keep us posted.