Define your "Dizziness"

it’s amazing how the word “dizziness” can describe a myriad different symptoms. And for a lot of us here, it’s become a part of who we are… yet it’s so difficult to describe.
And more often than not my doctors have looked at me puzzled, and I just wish they could walk a mile in my shoes.

For some it may be along the lines of lightheadedness, others might be confused thinking or feelings of spinning or motion.

What is your dizziness? Or how is it that you describe it to your doctors? I just think this may help others in explaining it and trying to find those right words.

Also, I don’t really understand the term motion sickness - can someone please clarify this for me - as i think this may be what i have.

Anyway, my “dizziness” i would say is more of a disequilibrium. Like I’ve just got off a long and rough boat ride and ground is all over the place. Just not flat and stable like it should be. I often describe it like walking on a trampoline. I’ve also heard people describe it as ‘marshmallow feet’. My symptoms are 24/7. I also have a confused and foggy head at times like I’m look at the world with the wrong glasses on. So this is mine… what is yours…

Good question Ella as Ialso never reallly understand what someone means when they say they are dizzy.

I sometimes feel lightheaded, not sure if this is what dizzy is or if is is even related to my vertigo issues.

But what I feel most of the time is MOTION SICK. It’s hard for me to desribe. The feeling is in my head, not my stomach, even though I feel like I might v. if I move my head. It is a motion sick feeling, the way one who is prone to motion sickness feels after going on a long car ride. It’s a headachy feeling, extremely unpleasant, can’t move my head without the awful feelings increasing. I just want to sit down and be absolutely still and not talk to anyone. I feel like I will be sick to my stomach yet my stomach feels fine, it may actually feel very hungry, the sick part comes from inside my head. (but not like I’m imagining it). I can get this way from very simple things that don’t seem to bother anyone. For instance, I’m sitting in my wheelie chair at work and someone stands behind me and puts their hand on the back of the chair, the 1/2" movement that this causes makes me feel very sick. Being at a stop light and seeing the car next to me roll makes me sick. Talking with someone who rocks as they talk makes me sick. Being in a swing makes me sick. (I don’t think it is the actual movement of being on the swing, but more seeing everything move back and forth that makes me sick.)

There are levels of this for me. On a scale of 1 - 10, most days I will feel a 4-5. If I were to actually ride in a car with someone and get “carsick” I would probably feel up to at least an 8, possibly 9 or maybe a 10. I avoid this unless I medicate myself beforehand,then I should be okay.

Generally I don’t have the trampoline feeling unless a vertigo attack is about to happen.

. . . . and vertigo, I think we know what that is. Everything spinning around, unable to walk, to move,to do anything. Must sit/lie 100% still. Movement is not possible. With my motionsick feelings I can move if I have to, even though I don’t want to. With vertigo, movement isn’t possible, even if I wanted to.

For me I would separate the terms vertigo and dizziness. Vertigo would be a full blown drop attack where the whole room is spinning and I forced to the ground. “Dizziness” for me would be like the floor is rocking and everything is unsteady. Sometimes it gets worse with a slight twitching feeling where I hope nobody notices so they don’t think I’m crazy.

I would describe mine like a 24/7 rocking. Pretty much like I am on a boat. It just goes back and forth or up and down. I have no spinning. Occasionally I will get light-headed from sitting to standing or randomly.

I would describe mine as feeling wozzy, drunk and lightheaded. I also feel a pull to one side and my vision seems off. I can’t hold stationary objects still in my field of vision as they seem to shift about.

My sister, who was diagnosed with Menieres without any hearing loss had severe vertigo drop attacks. I believe that she probably had MAV as well but her brain managed to compensate soemwhat and she only gets occassional dizzies now. Seems to run in my family as my grandmother had classic migraine and my mother did too and complained that she would often feel heavy-headed and wozzy around that time of the month.