Dental Work/Weather?

Well, I hadn’t had a bad vertigo attack for a year (when all hell broke loose) and now all of a sudden I had 2 and am constantly dizzy. Exact same time last year. I live in Oregon and I wonder if the weather or barometric pressure has something to do with it but I also just had major dental work. It happened a week or so after the work. And now my permanent crown is on and a little high and I’m a horrible teeth clencher and I woke up with bad tinnitus and headache and really dizzy just waiting for a vertigo attack. I’m never better but I feel much better in the summer but everytime the dentist touches my mouth my jaw is sore and I am dizzy. Going to see my Neurotologist Monday. I haven’t seen him in a year and have been on this horribly low dose of Verapamil which isn’t helping. I’m going to ask him to retest everything. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who notices the same patterns.


Hi Leslie,

Sorry you feel so horrible!

I am undiagnosed MAV, so Im not sure if my opinion means as much.

But, my dizziness began 1week after having an excruciating wisdom tooth infection. I’ve had chronic, constant dizziness for 5 months after having that infection. I have mentioned it to everyone I’ve seen but no one seems to think it’s related. Seems strange to me as I was perfectly healthy and fine before that and where I feel the pressure and dizziness is around my left ear- which is directly above where the wisdom tooth infection was.

Who knows?
Hope you feel better soon,

OK so my dizzys are getting worse and they have changed. I was fine until I had dental work in October. What the heck happened? And everytime the doctor uses the drill I feel dizzy. Has this ever happened to anyone here? I googled it and found a lot of people who suffered the same thing. I wonder