Dentist fallout?

Hi Gang,

I had to see the dentist yesterday and have a filling put in. First one in 35 years. So, this was the first time I’ve had an injection of drugs into my gums which froze half of my face for about 5 hours.

This morning I feel like I was sleeping in a marijuana haze all night. Totally stoned feeling, fog city, look terrible, a bit dizzy, pain everywhere, and cramps down below. I virtually ate nothing yesterday apart from plain chicken, some rice and egg on toast for dinner.

Any of you guys get smashed after the dentist? I also had my jaw cranked wide open for about 30 minutes too which hurt like hell.

S :shock:

Scott, I have only had 2 fillings in 40 years, one didnt need doing, it was a sensitive tooth and like you, I had one done just recently, just before xmas. Exactly the same, numb for 5 hours (I expected it to wear off quicker than that) I panicked more about being tipped backwards in the chair than anything else, in the end they sat me up. Dentists arent what they used to be, now they mess around for half an hour filling the tooth and they have made the one next to it hurt (2 months) I still cant eat on that side.The egg would have been a trigger for me (I think you are OK with eggs). Judging by the irr bowel stomach, sounds like the stress of going there. I have just joined a singing group which I absolutely love. I put my heart and soul into it and I come out exhausted and with those irr bowel cramps every time (whether I eat or not before I go there). The next day (every time) and especially today I feel ill, today I was so dizzy and falling asleep, I had to come home early from a friends. God it seems that any stimuli, good or bad is stressful for us.


Thanks Christine,

Yeah, the food I ate is totally benign and I know the dental thing has done me in. I’ve not been in great shape for weeks now really but today I dropped a whole level down again into a whole new funk. It has to be drug fallout … I mean I can’t even put a benign sunscreen on my face without a headache let alone having horse tranquilizer injected into my gums. The drug must have been swirling all through my system yesterday as my body flushed it out over 6 hours. Luckily the actual tooth is feeling OK today and the sensitivity has dropped off a lot. I will likely have to go back though and get him to scrape more off the filling. It’s sitting too high I think.

Typing and looking at the screen is sending me right off. I’m heading home early today. :shock:


Scott—My last filling I chose to skip the shot and had it filled without it. I told the dentist I would just take the pain, which wasn’t actually too bad. I don’t react well to meds, especially pain meds and any that speed up the heart. After my hysterectomy I only took Advil…lol. I’d rather have pain than feel dizzy and stupified any day of the week.

Wow, I can’t believe you had a tooth drilled without a pain killer! You’re amazing. What’s it like without the drugs?

Scott—you feel the pressure and some pain…my dentist was very careful and gentle. I wouldn’t get a root canal or major heavy duty dental work without the shot, but for a filling I told him I would take my chances…lol. I will do just about anything to avoid panic or dizziness if at all possible.

I had a cavity filled too without the pain when I was a teenager because I was so scared of the needle. I have a minor cavity I need to get filled and might get it filled again without it- it feels like a sensitive spot is being picked at, but as long as they do a little at a time and take breaks, it’s not too bad.

I need to get my 4 wisdom teeth out and am scared about it! i don’t think i will go under because i don’t want to wake up spinning and i’m scared about the laughing gas and all the drilling as well. Not sure what that is going to do to my head ;(

Scott, I haven’t braved any dentistry stuff since MAV. I’m willing to try now though, just too lazy maybe.


My son recently had a filling without numbing drugs and he was fine. I think it depends on the location though.

The dental stuff is not fun, and I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t bad dental work that kicked this off for me. But I have endured a lot more dental work since including a wisdom tooth taken out, a root canal, and then the root canal had to be redone and then a procedure preparing the same tooth for a crown. It was not fun, every time I felt like I was gonna fall out of the chair but every time I managed, novicaine and all!

The dentist is so scary for me. My MAV came on after having a wisdom tooth extraction using Novocain only (no anesthesia). I just had a cavity filled and it threw me out of whack for just over a week. I hope you feel better soon!

— Begin quote from “teddypan”

Scott—My last filling I chose to skip the shot and had it filled without it. I told the dentist I would just take the pain, which wasn’t actually too bad.

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Well done!

I once had a filling in one of my rear teeth and the dentist gave me three shots of painkiller but they still weren’t enough to numb the tooth! The dentist said he couldn’t give me any more shots as he had reached the maximum, so we agreed he go ahead and drill. I really felt that pain! I remember it vividly!

Maybe the particular nerve he needed to numb was unusually unresponsive to the painkiller for some reason. I’ve never had anything like that before or since.

I can guess that a pain killer affects either pain receptors or transmission of pain nerve impulses, so it could well affect nerve/cerebral functioning as Scott describes happened to him.


Hi…over due for the dentist and I know I have some cavities. Not sure I can handle the novacaine let alone the drilling. My dentist knows I have MAV and recognizes how the invasion on my mouth might affect me. He said I could load up on my xanax but still afraid to give it a try. I’m leaning toward waiting awhile. Oh how this MAV sucks! Before I do anthing I have to first think: how will this affect my MAV? Take care,


I also know I have a few cavities and need to go to the dentist but I just can’t bring myself to do it yet.

They are small - I’ve never thought about not getting anesthesia for them but perhaps that is a possibility.

In the past it’s taken me a few days to feel better after a cleaning.


Hi Gang,

Well, it’s 12 days since seeing the dentist and having that shot of Novocain and I’ve been a mess ever since. Was it the drug that has caused my muscles to seize up so easily? Keeping my mouth wide open and head arched back for an hour? I don’t know but even my back aches continuously. I have deep-seated pain in my right shoulder and traps and it’s below the back of my head as well. All of this is producing shocking headaches and brain fog and some dizziness. I haven’t been able to undo this mess myself with stretching and the neck massages a physio showed me a while back and so I’m seeing a new physio who specialises in migraine and works in the same building as me. Very convenient. I need a pro to go in there and undo the knots. Haven’t needed this sort of work for well over a year.

All of this nasty head and neck pain reminds me of the stuff I used to get years ago, even before the vertigo began. I’d have episodes like this that would last for months. The snorkeling I was doing on the weekend made it all worse too by having my head looking straight ahead in the water as you do. That causes a shearing effect at the back of the neck. Yet more destruction in there.

If I learn anything new about migraine management through this physiotherapist (physical therapist for USA), I’ll let you know.


Hey Scott,

I really do think it’ll be the fact you are a teeth clencher, so have tired muscles in that area and had your mouth open for so long. I have a system with my dentist whereby I hold up my hand and stop the treatment intermittently so I can roll my shoulders and rest my jaw. I learnt the hard way that if I didn’t there was payback. I put my shoulder out a while back and as a consequence was in headache hell for days with accompanying lightheaded crap going on. The physio and time should sort it.


Scott, I thought of you yesterday when I had that cavity filled. Half of my face was numb for hours. I couldn;t swallow, and when I tried to drink I ended up drooling! It made me feel wierd but It didn’t ruin me. I was having a pretty good day until the numbing, but I survived. I appreciate that I didn’t feel any pain during the filling, but man 4-5 hours of a numb face was unneccesary! I think it messes with us because my ear felt numb too. Oh well…just wanted to let you know I was thinkn about you…if your ears were ringing…lol