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I just came across these terms yesterday and it really fascinated me. This is the most accurated description of my symptoms (as described in an actual disorder) which I have ever seen. What I also find interesting is that there is some association between the Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder and Migraine. I was wondering whether any of you were familiar with these terms and/or experience similar symptoms.

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Yes, I am VERY familiar with Depersonalization / Derealization symptoms. I was diagnosed with panic attacks / anxiety disorder 20 years ago after going from doctor to doctor to figure out what was wrong with me. I couldn’t describe it other than to say “dizziness”. It wasn’t dizziness as I now know it - it was incredibly hard to describe. People looked at me like I was crazy - it was extremely frustrating. I still find it difficult to describe to people.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I now know it was migraine. I was diagnosed with MAV about 2 years ago. Its very rare for me anymore to have the “panic-attack” episodes, where I feel that I’m not really there, my own voice sounds weird, and my limbs don’t feel like they are attached to me. Instead, nowadays, its replaced mostly with true dizziness. Vertigo. Don’t know which was worse, the room spinning now, or feeling like back then - like I’m in some kind of bubble.

Anyway, I never heard the term either, until I was researching migraine a year or so ago, there IS a connection, I’m sure.

I believe, (and this is just my opinion) that back then those weird episodes were my “aura”, because after having one, I would just be wiped out. (and they didn’t last but 10 minutes or so). I’ve had 4 visual auras in the last few years, and now I get the dizzy spells. All of them leave me completely whipped, extremely tired and sleepy.

Anyway, I don’t often hear people speak of it, so it was great to hear you mention it. Comforting in a way, that I’m not the only one.


Dear Lina and kim,
yes Ive had it and now associate it to my migraine,
here is an interesting site all about aura’s ect, it’s a huge site,
jen … ation+aura

I’ve not felt “connected” to reality since the chronic dizziness started for me 10 years ago now.

Previously I had spontaneous vertigo episodes but felt completely recovered after a few days to a week.

Hi Adam and all, this feeling is also the very similar feeling that epileptic’s talk about, with (simple partial siezure( which would make sense if our neurons are doing as they say they are during the global depression spreading during the migriane faze.