Hey everyone,
I have been on celexa for about 10 to 11 months now. It has really given me my life back. I have my anxiety under control and my dizziness is much less! But in the last couple of months I have felt a bit depressed. I find this kind of strange since I’m on an antidepressant. Before the celexa I would get down about my dizziness but besides that no depression. Does anyone know why I might be feeling slightly depressed now?

Have you had a physical lately? With blood work? I’m wondering if you could have a thyroid condition, or B-12 deficiency, or something like that. Whenever we hear that someone has been improving in regard to their dizziness, they are usually less depressed, so this isn’t what we’d typically expect to hear. It’s GREAT that your dizziness has been reduced by the Celexa! But I’d suggest a physical with some blood tests if you haven’t had one in the last couple months (since you’ve felt depressed).

Take care, and keep us posted, OK?

Do you think you need to up your dose?

Also, I’m thinking about trying Celexa but have heard many people getting dizzer when they first try it. Was this the case for you and did you gain weight on it?

So glad the dizzies has improved!

Hi – how much are you currently taking?

Thanks for the replies,
I am on 20 mg. I have a doctors appointment in a week and I could ask her about the depression and possible thyroid issue. What usually happens with a thyroid issue or B12 def? It’s just so frustrating to be dealing with this when I should be on top of the world now that I’m feeling better. I may have had depression before this but didn’t realize it, thinking it was because of my dizziness.

ilovesalem - I didn’t have too much increased dizziness when I started. I had more headaches and a little bit of increased anxiety. After about a month I noticed a big improvement and it just kept getting better and better. I have gained 5 pounds. Which doesn’t seem like much but I’m short and usually very fit so 5 pounds is a lot for me…


Hi Briana -

Thyroid problems & B-12 deficiencies are sometimes found when people go to a psychiatrist and report that they feel depressed. Good psychiatrists will do bloodwork to rule out physical causes, and these are two of the most common ones. But you don’t need to see a psychiatrist since you’re already on an antidepressant - that’s why I suggested a physical from your regular primary care doc.

Feelings of depression aren’t always due to the chemical imbalance condition we refer to as clinical depression.

Take care, and good luck.

Depression, Anxiety and Migraine all seem to run hand in hand for many people. It’s all brain chemistry. You can easily go up on the Celexa to see if that helps. You could consider adding Welbutrin to the mix which will target different neurotransmitters than just serotonin. It usually helps offset some of the typical SSRI side effects, for instance weight gain, sexual disinterest/anorgasmia, fatigue and energy. Very glad to hear that Celexa has helped your dizziness!

Hi Briana

Nice to see you back on the boards especially as you are not dizzy! I remember you from a while back, I think we exchanged a few PM’s.

Sorry to hear about the depression though. This may be a result of you having got control of the anxiety. Although anxiety and depression go hand in hand, it’s common for them to alternate, rather than coincide.

Another thing that may have happened is that when you were dizzy you believed life would be perfect if only you weren’t dizzy. Now no longer dizzy, you may be finding it’s not quite living up to your expectations. I put a lot of pressure on myself when well to be and do everything, and it can be quite a struggle!

Having said that it may all be down to your thyroid so get it checked!

Best wishes

Dizzy Lizzy xx

Thank you everyone for your input, that makes me feel a lot better. When I meet with my doctor I will mention some of these things to her. She is an excellent doctor and actually listens to me, which makes everything so much easier. I will also see what she has to say about medication changes. I really don’t want to go up much more on the celexa. I know 20 mg is the lowest dose but I’m pretty sensitive to meds. Although, I did notice that even by the 4th day of taking it my mood was sooo much better and I was sleeping better (which is something I have problems with). This effect only lasted about a month though.

Dizzy LIizzy - yes we did PM a few times in the past. You were very helpful to me!..I think you made a few good points. It’s definitely true that I thought life would be perfect if I wasn’t dizzy. I would look at other people complaining about “small” things and I thought if only I wasn’t dizzy I would be happier then everyone. I am finding things in life to still be challenging, when I thought it wouldn’t be at all…So how have you been??

I am still very thankful EVERYDAY that I’m feeling better…now to just deal with this depression probelm!!


Hey B -

I misspoke in my earlier post - for a doc to look for “physical” causes of feelings of depression implies that if one has the chemical imbalance of a full blown clinical depression, there isn’t a whole body illness and it’s just limited to the brain. Not true. While medication for depression focuses on neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), a person who suffers from a diagnosed condition of clinical “depression” often experiences symptoms that affect the whole body, such as appetite changes (increased or decreased) and aches and pains that either weren’t there before, or that are made worse by the depression.

I should have said that when a new, untreated patient goes to a psychiatrist reporting feelings of depression, a good psychiatrist will know to look for other possible causes that can be revealed in blood tests. Some people who go to a psychiatrist will therefore never end up an antidepressant medication because a thyroid condition will be found, and treated, which will make the depressed feelings go away. Or a B-12 deficiency will be found and treated, etc.

In any event, I’m so glad to hear you have a good doc who actually listens to you - that makes a world of difference!