Desperate newbie, with probable MAV

Hi, I can barely type, I can barely use the phone, I can’t drive anymore, can’t take walks. Deteriorating over the past 2 weeks. I am just shuffling around a friend’s house waiting to see the vestib specialist. I have been on the MAV diet for 10 days, on magnesium for a week, tried Topamax for a week but couldn’t handle the side effects. Just waiting for a miracle! (Or the doctor in 3 days, whichever comes first.)

Have been on Betahistine for 2 years for Meziere’s. Is it possible that it’s making it worse? Anyone take betahistine for MAV?

Also, is there a MAV crisis drug? Prednisone work? I have to pick up my daughter for Thanksgiving and move into a new home, etc. etc. My husband lives overseas. I need a solution fast!



What aspect of your condition suggests you have Menieres?

Consider a vestibular suppressant like Amitriptyline if you have chronic dizziness, although anti convulsants and SSRIs sometimes work.

I am back at work because of Amitriptyline. I cannot use a computer without it currently.

I have struggled with the severe MAV you are talking about for over two years. Prednisone was the one drug that helped me feel better. It almost made me feel like my healthier self but the doctor would not keep me on it long term. I believe I was on it for about a week. Maybe the prednisone can get you through a week or two. The tricyclic antidepressants also work well for many but take some a week or two to work. Good luck.