Diagnosed with Migraine - help

I was diagnosed with migraine a few weeks ago and subsequently put on topirimate. I told the neuro that i was really sensitive to meds so he put me on a low dose for 28 days, it is 25mg. I was in a bad patch when i first started taking it but i did not notice any side effects apart for on the first day i felt a bit nauseuous but by the second day i just felt normal side effect wise. During the second week i noticed some subtle changes like my sensitive vision seamt a lot loss sensitive and my ears stopped popping which had been popping non stop for 3 years, now during last weekend i had a bad migraine and all my symptoms have come back apart from the ear popping. I feel really p***ed off because i thought things were changing. Am i right thinking that 25mg is the bottom dose and would not really make much of a difference? and what would be a “normal” dose for this drug?




Don’t let a bad day change your opinion on a med. When I started Zoloft a few weeks ago, it made my dizziness WORSE. I stuck it out and until I started the Propanolol yesterday, I had three good days compared to none in May when my dizziness worsened. Things will get worse before they get better, and don’t let a few bad days change your perspective on a new med. Keep sticking it out the best you can (: Hope you get things under control and back to where they were

It can definitely get better and then stop working. The dose for migraine is between 50-100 for topamax, so 25 is a very low dose. It’s awesome that you responded to that. It’s a good sign you will get this under control. Many people feel worse for months on topamax and after 3 months the clouds part and they are good. It is easy to lose faith but this is a marathon… Not a sprint. Have patience and things will get better again!

Its not a bad sign, it seems that many people have their “ups and downs” before they achieve continuous symptom relief. Your body is working well with the Topamax, a dosage increase might be warranted.

Thanks for your responses. How does it get better and then stop working, how can it do that, this is such a cruel illness.

I also want to ask if anyone has tried sumitriptans, i was given some of these to try as well as the topirimate but seems as though i am dizzy 24/7 how do i know when i need to take them? Yes i do get headaches but not always.


Your brain can adapt to meds over time. At that point you have to up the dose to override and/ or flood receptors to ascertain change. Lots of times antidepressants in particular “poop out” and people have to change meds to get benefit again.
Sumstriptans are more for an abortive situation, not for prevention. The preventative meds are what works for mav.
Hope that helps!