Diagnosed with silent migraines?

I’m a 19-year-old female and I’ve been suffering from many neurological symptoms for a while now, like depersonalization, severe anxiety, constant ringing/crackling in ears, constantly spacing out, visual snow, double vision, spots in vision, vertigo, excessive yawning, heavy feeling in head/arms, etc. I smoked some synthetic marijuana (spice) a few months ago and had a terrible episode and the symptoms got worse after that, so much that I checked myself into a mental hospital for evaluation. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder (as well as ADHD/OCD which I’ve had for years) and was prescribed Prozac 40 mg, Seroquel 25 mg and Pamelor 10 mg by a psychiatrist. I had to stop the Seroquel because of all the side effects, but I’m still having them so I think it’s the Pamelor giving me the problems. Plus none of them seem to be helping very much. I’ve had all sorts of physical tests like CT scan, bloodwork, hearing tests, etc. and can’t seem to find anything physically wrong except that I have some ovarian cysts which are common in females. I did see an ENT who diagnosed me with silent migraines, but I’m skeptical because my symptoms are constant and don’t come in episodes like I assume a migraine would. Either way, I’m suffering and I just want to get my life back. Is anyone else suffering from these symptoms or could offer me some advice?


Also, some people have mentioned that I could have developed temporal lobe epilepsy after smoking the Spice. I had an EEG which came out normal, but that was years ago. I sure hope I don’t…

Brianna, welcome - sounds like you may have found the right place… If you look around here, you’ll find all sorts of folks with similar symptoms. Unfortunately, for some of us, our symptoms (disequilibrium, tinnitus, etc.) can be constant, rather than just coming and going as one would expect with “just” a headache. As you read more, you’ll see that MAV can encompass so much more than an occasional headache. So sorry you’re having to go through this! Glad you’ve finally found a doc, though, who may be able to point you in the right direction, and help you find the answers you need.