Diagnosis help

Hey y’all. I hope everyone is doing well. What steps help you come to a diagnosis? My doctor is still trying to hone in on what he thinks is wrong. I have an MRA scheduled at the end of the week and I’m looking to explore hormones as well. Today I am feeling pretty bad. Kinda freaking out. And it makes me terribly sad as well. I feel like I got hit by a truck. Does that make sense? I feel like dizzy and numb at the same time. Any words of advice or support or hope would be wonderful.

Hi Camille,

Vestibular (VEMP) testing can help lead to a diagnosis. It doesn’t always lead to a diagnosis for everyone unfortunately. Of course, head scans can too, as can some simple doctor’s office tests.

Thanks for the reply! I have had some simple tests in the doctors office. I have also had a hearing test and an MRI which have come out fine. Have not had the vemp testing yet

A Neuro-Otologist (or an Oto-Neurologist) can run a series of balance and inner-ear tests as well as hearing tests which can diagnose some causes of dizziness, and rule out others. MAV often comes up pretty normal on these tests, and that is one of the diagnostic criteria - that it is not something they have found wrong with your ears.

it’s like if you car doesn’t start, you check the gas, check the battery etc, and if it’s not that, you start looking for another cause.

I have had a hearing test just not some of the vestibular testing. I’m kind of worried to do those but do you think it would be super beneficial?

If so I feel like I should check it out.