Diatomaceous Earth

Hi all, I wonder if anybody has heard of Diatomaceous Earth as a food supplement for Migraine - a friend of mine told me about this a while ago for MS and I have recently read that people are starting to gain relief from migraine too. Now I am interested…

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Diatomaceous Earth (US Link)
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I’ve never heard of it. Period. Let alone as migraine prevention supplement. Whatever is it. Helen.

Hi @MNEK18 I’ve only heard of it to kill fleas on pets :rofl:

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Me neither Helen, well not until a couple of weeks ago anyway - my friend Fiona started taking it for acne I believe and I was kinda dismissive because she is a bit of a hippy and into non medical treatment… so we laughed about it but I have read its helping people with migraine… You might wanna check it out :blush:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Brill! Now I have 2 uses for it!! X

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Headaches, migraines, and associated conditions such as vertigo and tinnitus may be partially alleviated with food grade diatomaceous earth and other natural supplements. Magnesium is essential to many intracellular processes and is known to play an important role in migraine pathogenesis, with many of the other minerals found in diatomaceous earth also needed to prevent cortical spreading depression and other causes of headaches

From their website - I wont need to eat food soon with all my supplements!! :joy::joy:

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If you get Diatomacious Earth Food Grade and take a tbsp per day you will get all kinds of benefits and some people say they don’t have headaches anymore after just a few weeks. This is one of our supplements we take every day because of all of the health benefits and the pups get it too.
www.diatomaceousearth.com is a great place to order it. Also, read all of the testimonials. You can mix it in your favorite drink or Yogurt every day.
There are many essential oils for headaches you can find on Amazon.com by looking up essential oils for headaches. You will see them prediluted and Roll on… Ready to use

You took the words right out of my mouth. Helen

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It’s been on the edge of my supplement feelers for years but never tried it. Let us know how it goes either way Kirsty!

Hi Erik! I absolutely will, I suppose anything I can try to help my symptoms I will give a fair shot! Also my CBD is on the way! Thanks again for your advice! I will have eaten my daily calorie deficit in supplements before there’s room for food! :grin::+1: