Did acup make me sick?

Hi all. Haven’t been on for awhile. I had the flu in March (2 weeks of aches, headaches, fever, fatigue and a cold). I prayed everyday that I wouldn’t get another virus that hit the inner ear like I did in 2009 (lasting for 8 months). Back to normal routine, went to see parents in Florida, came back and a week later, went for my usual acupuncture treatment. I’d been exposed to a few sick students who were coughing and sneezing during their lessons. Ironically, the acup doc seemed to have a cold. He proceeded to blow his nose into a tissue, then turned around and started putting the needles in, without hand sanitizing or washing his hands. :frowning: The next day, I started with a wet cough, and it was downhill after that – fever for days, aches, headache, nausea, fatigue and sinus infection. So far, I’ve been ok with the inner ear, although sometimes I feel a little off. Been taking antiobiotics and cough supressant.

Do you think it’s possible the acup doc transmitted whatever he had to me? Just wondering if I’m being paranoid. :roll:

Could be. I dunno about the needles. More likely, from what I’ve read, that you picked it up from shaking hands with him, from breathing his sneeze, from touching the skin he touched and then touching your face, . . .

Hi, Dave–how’s the swimming going? My outdoor pool opened this past weekend and I’m sitting on the couch with sinus infection and bronchitis. :frowning: Good news is I went for a follow up today, and even though I feel horrible, there’s no sign of bronchitis. Can’t wait to get in the pool this weekend.