Did anyone get worse after botox?

I had botox treatment on 23rd March. My dizziness has been worse ever since and I’ve had more headaches.
The day after treatment I woke up at 4am with a splitting headache and back pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. I couldn’t sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time cos my head was so painful. I haven’t felt right since and also went on to develop a chest infection. It may have been a reaction or an awful coincidence…

Feeling down as I’ve generally heard quite positive things. I’ve felt more dizzy and headachey since I had the treatment.

I always get worse after botox, but it last one 3 days and i start getting better.

ah, for me I’m now in my third week of feeling weird!

Hello All
I’m a newbie here but have been reading posts for quite some time as it made me feel better knowing I wasn’t alone. I have been suffering with MAV since May 2015 and like almost everyone on this site have had every test and trialled a LOT of meds. My neurologist has now decided to change tactics and I will be having my 1st round of Botox on May 18th. Im really anxious about this…my main concern is dizziness and balance problems which are there every single day but i also suffer ear and neck pain and horrible sinus pressure.

Can you tell me if your Botox treatment has helped, especialy with the dizziness. I also worried about the side effects as i’m taking a short trip to Spain 2 weeks later. Now I worry I may feel worse and my holiday been ruined.

Fingers crossed it works I have nothing to lose my journey with MAV the last 3 years has been horrendous.

Please let me know how you are all doing

Take care all

Jo xx

Hi all

Just returned from my 1st round of Botox treatment with my headache specialist. It went very well and stung only a little nothing was unbearable…my partner and I asked her if my chronic daily dizziness and sinus pain were a constant migraine and she said yes. She reminded me of the cocktail of meds ive gone through the last 4 years with horrendous side effects and made me dizzier!! I have everything crossed this treatment will work and not make me feel any worse than i am already. 4 years and counting with MAV…something has got to give!!!

How are you all doing?

Keep well
Jo x

Hi guys

How are you coping now post Botox injections? I am 1 week in and having increased dizziness and intermittent headache. I know its possible to feel worse before you can see any results (if any) my neurologist said at least 2 weeks! Im just taking low dose Gabapentin at the minute.

Please could you let me know if you finally start to feel better. Im going on holiday in 6 days. Hope i dont feel like this😣

Keep well

Jo xxx

How are doing with your Botox treatment? Im just off for my 2nd round and i had a big reduction in head and neck ache but as yet no change in dizziness and balance. I know you are a little ahead of me treatment wise and hoping you may have seen improvement
Keep well
Jo x