Did prozac help anyone?


Or another SSRI or St John’s Wort?

Did you take another drug with it? Follow some dietary guidelines?

I’ve tried to search for stuff on the board & my head is screaming so I need to leave this alone for a while.

I can’t think clearly just now and any answers are appreciated thanks having a really bad day again :cry:


Yes, it helped me, as did Celexa and now I’m on Lexapro. I took Celexa first and it knocked out the dizziness and anxiety. Switched to Prozac because of weight gain, but it is known to be stimulating and it caused me to feel jittery and also caused more migraine headaches, so I switched to Lexapro.

Prozac is one of the more stimulating SSRIs, meaning it tends to provide increased feelings of energy, and also has less tendancy towards weight gain. But it can also lead to feelings of being jittery, as it did for me. Along with the increased headaches. That doesn’t mean the same will happen for you.

Sorry you’re not having a good go of things lately–hope you can figure out the meds and feel better quickly!

Thanks for the reply Anne,

I used to take Prozac as I had terrible anxiety leading up to this latest episode. Come to think of it was drinking way too much coffee and tea, gee I’m sure that helped a lot too. I dumped the Prozac when I dumped the Nori, it was all too much for me & at the time I had a doc who really did not care one way or the other. Not helpful at all!.

I’ve had luck with Prozac in the past & am hoping maybe a small dose with the low dose of Topamax I am on, may just help me at least get back to work.

Thanks again!


Did Prozac help your dizziness at all?

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Virtually zero chance of a reply after so long. Assuming you have checked out the other threads of which there are a good few. I haven’t read them but have always understood Prozac would be more for anxiety so maybe would be OK for anxiety associated dizziness. Celexa, Citalopram, is related and some have had success with that if you search but both are bit outside main stream for migraine preventatives. Top three here in UK according to NHS guidelines are Propranolol, Amitriptyline and Topiramate. Though many others are used singly or in combos.