Did your MAV dizziness turn to vertigo?

Hi i posted here late lasnight but now its not here idk why. But im really curious so i reposted. ive had MAV for over a year with dizziness like swaying, rocking feeling pretty much 24/7. i am better from when it started but nowhere near where i need to be. Im worried that my dizziness may turn into spinning vertigo. does this ever happen or has it happened to you? i was thinking since i have had steady symtoms for over a year that it wouldnt morph into something else. Well fingers crossed at least. whats your opinions?

Hi Chelsea,

All new posts start in the General Discussion area where most of the traffic is. I moved your other post there for more exposure. I’ll leave this one here for now so you see this message. I sent you a PM as well.

Cheers … Scott

I’m in the same boat as you. I sure hope not. I’m always fearing that. It seems it’s getting close at times but has not yet happened.