Diet Questions

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help with a diet query. Mainly to those of you that are on the 6C diet (I am under the care of Dr Surenthiran).

I was told to avoid cheese but that Goats cheese was fine. So my question is does anyone know if sheeps cheese is ok? This would obviously allow me to have feta, halloumi etc which would be great, but I don’t want to be having something I shouldn’t!

Thanks in advance!


Just incase anyone reads this - I have found out from Dr S that sheeps cheese is fine.

Thanks, Sarah. I was wondering the same thing. It is really thoughtful of you to update us :smile:

No problem!

White Choc is also ok in moderation - I am pleased about that!!

Hi Sarah,

I just read on another post you put that you have experienced improvements already in 3 weeks. That is awesome, God bless you, I wish you 100% recovery :smile:
Can you tell me what you think is helping? (BTW, I tried Propranolol and it killed me! My doc started me on 60 mg SR and I was wiped out!!!).
What % better do you think you are overall and is it consistent (or are some days better than others inexplicably?) Have you found any diet triggers? I’ve been on Nortriptyline since mid-January and have a few good days here and there but then relapse all the way back, pretty much. I am on the diet but since I can’t point to any specific triggers, I go loose on it sometimes :frowning:


Hi again,

Well its difficult to say what is helping as I haven’t been able to identify any triggers yet and its still early days. I’m fully prepared for this good spell to be brief but hoping that its the start of the end! Basically I am taking my meds (pregabalin 50mg 3 times a day), sticking to the diet so have cut out the 6cs completely and I am making sure I am eating regularly at the same times everyday and sleeping at the same times.
I wouldn’t consider myself an extreme case as I have managed to stay at work through all this and maintain my social life etc., but I would say I have improved to about 70% from about 50%.
Propranolol didn’t really affect me, no side affects but no improvements either. I was only on It for a month though so maybe it would have started to help but my Dr switched me to Pregabalin.
Its been a gradual improvement, so the last 4 days or so I have noticed slight improvements, particularly on sat when I went shopping for about 4 hours and felt so much better than usual, less bouncing, less off balance feeling etc.
I hope that answers all your questions!
Most meds seem to take several months before you notice any improvements so hold in there, the fact you are having good days, even if you do relapse back, is still a positive sign!

Hi Sarah,

thanks so much for your thorough and quick response. I hope you continue to improve and ride out the bumps along the way, should you have any :smile:


Thanks Asli - I hope your good days become more frequent!!