Dietician knowledgeable about migraine

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know any dieticians who know about vestibular migraine in the Boston area or take telehealth appointments?

I stopped taking amitriptyline recently because I didn’t think it was helping and was getting bothersome side effects. I also cut out gluten and am doing the migraine diet and have been doing this for a few months now. I’m not sure but I do think cutting out gluten has helped me. I was feeling better for a bit but I feel like my symptoms are spiking up again. I’m in between medications now (the next ones my doctor recommends to try is to go back on Venlafaxine or to try topiramate). I’m very apprehensive about starting a med again and feel like since I’m in between medications right now I should maybe try a diet maybe keto diet.

I think any good dietician will be able to help you with this – I don’t think any will necessarily specialize in a particular diet, albeit maybe keto, which should probably be sanctioned by your doctor. Keto is a rather severe metabolic transition that your body has to go through and it should definitely be medically sanctioned/supervised.

There’s a lady on Instagram called @The.Migraine.Dietician - she always has interesting posts so might be worth a look? She’s in the US and does video calls I believe.

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sure – make sure she’s an actual RD though

She is - wouldn’t have suggested her otherwise :blush: always good to check though!

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