Difference between endolymphatic hydrops and MAV

What is the difference between endolymphatic hydrops and MAV? I read somewhere (but can’t remember the link) that secondary endolymphatic hydrops is 24x7 symptoms much like MAV. Is there a way to tell the difference between the two? All my symptoms are 24x7 (head stuffiness, dizziness, cognitive issues, eye pain, ear fullness) and I have no hearing loss, tinnitus, or vertigo. I’ve spoken with Dr. Hain on the phone and he reviewed my case and says he doubts I have Meniere’s but I’m wondering about hydrops…

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Hi Tekksan
Glad you got to speak to such an accomplished specialist!! I don’t know much about hydrops… check the VEDA (vestibular conditions) website… I think that sounds like one of the vestibular related conditions but there may be a neurological component to it as well. Are you going to be evaluated again?? Was that his suggestion? Hoo boy, we all sure have to wander around a bit in the symptoms and diagnoses before it all can get more nailed down. I personally have to take antihistamines/nasal sprays/migraine+dizziness meds to keep all the ear fuzziness, and dizziness, etc. under control and have finally gotten around 70-90% success. And, it is still a work in progress. However, as I stated in a previous post, I continue to struggle with food and stress triggers like many other people as well.

Gail : )

Well I have tinnitus, full blown vertigo attacks and some hearing loss. I was diagnosed with menieres, after caloric tests many years ago, since then, after an ECOG test, endolymphatic hydrops was diagnosed because I showed over 60% on the machine.
Since then I have been diagnosed with Basilar Migraine, then, inner ear lesion, then Migraine Associated Vertigo. I tend to think most of mine is migraine. I dont think you will ever know for sure if you have one or both as Migraine can cause ear problems as well.


Christine, the last time I looked into hydrops, the medical world was still debating whether or not hydrops was the cause of Meniere’s symptoms. Haven’t looked into it in a few years though, so I don’t know what was decided.

I personally believe they could be one and the same thing, that MAV could be a form of persistent hydrops.

I think that is likely as well. I have been diagnosed with Endolymphatic hydrops and then much later with MAV instead but my symptom profile hadn’t fundamentally changed.

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