Difference between mav and mal de disembark?

Can someone explain to me the differences between these 2 variants?? I understand they are related, but I am still undiagnosed as to which variant I have. I am waiting to see the the migraine specialist at JH next month. Until then, just looking to see what’s what. Thanks guys! maybe you can list the symptoms of each?? Thanks!


Have you done any 'net searching on it? From what I read yesterday, apparently Mal De Disembark (“Disembarquement”) is brought on by some type of event where you’ve been exposed to, like, a plane trip or cruise/boat trip - your body doesn’t immediately adjust to the lack of motion when the trip is over. It was eventually supposed to stop/go away.

You probably already know this elementary aspect/definition, but … if I’m totally wrong, someone will most likely come to our rescue with a personal experience or two.


From what I understand about it, the symptoms are very similar, as far as the rocking/swaying and imbalance problems go. I do not believe that Mal De Disembark has any ear related symptoms such as fullness, tinitus, or hearing loss. (Yes, not everyone with MAV experiences all of these symptoms.) One difference in the symptoms is that with one you feel the world around you is moving, with the other you feel like you are moving.


From what I understand you are correct about the onset of symptoms.


For me, I seem to have both, although the sensation that the WORLD is moving and shifting is more apparent to me than myself moving. My balance is actually quite good but I do feel a slight sense of rocking and moving. But I guess it’s hard not to when the world is constantly shifting left and right and up and down. Which variant does this sound like? This came on suddenly, with no history of recent travel or a cruise, but, Dr. Minor at Jh said that one does not have to have a history of a cruise to get Mal De Disembark. Apparently, a cruise or flight is just a “trigger” for the condition and it’s capable of being triggered by other means. Anyway, I’ll see the headache specialist at JH at the end of the month, but until then, any thoughts on which variant this sounds like??


Hi all, Just trying to catch up on all the post I’ve missed , I’d been avioding the computer for a while,
here is the mal de debarquement adress, It’s an forum you can join to find out what mdds is like.but you must have mdds symptoms to join.


Jen…thanks for sharing the MDDS forum address. I joined them for awhile but never really fitted in. Most of the folks kept describing that the world was moving while they were stationary…and i’m just the opposite. So after a few months i decided to join this forum.


MdDS ers frequently refer to the car, meaning driving is the only time they feel normal until they get out of the car.
Then all hell breaks loose. The same can be true of elevators. All hell would break loose for me when I got off the high-speed elevator when I was still in Chicago.
It’s why I had to get out of the building.
Now it’s the car in this city. I can’t get a break.
Clearly, motion is involved.
Heck, I can’t even ride an MRI table. Lol.

MAV/MdDS overlap and do not have to be an either/or proposition.
How many of you think you have both?

‘The Corpse’

Have you lurked on the MdDS board?

Symptoms from a survey:
The numbers represent the # of people who answered yes.

Anxiety: 378
Difficulty maintaining balance: 608
Concentration problems: 558
Depression: 289
Dizziness: 532
Ear pain: 174
Fatigue: 572
G-Force inside head: 295
Headaches: 270
Head tremors: 89
Memory problems: 373
General motion sensation: 753
Other…: 85
Rocking: 751
Spaced-out feeling: 577
Tilted vision: 130



That group?


I signed up with the Mal de debarquement forum about a year ago but never fitted in. The folks i spoke with there do not have the Motion in the head…it’s just the opposite…their world is moving while they are stationary. I’m the opposite. But MAV and Mal de barquement have some similarites.


I was just telling my Dad tonight I can’t stand the fact that I keep grabbing the back of my head.
I guess I’m “lucky” enough to have it both ways Joe.
I feel like I am moving, and some of the environment too. When I say some,
I nearly had a panic attack in the eye doctors office because I don’t get this new CHAIR symptom of mine.
I sit in a darn chair in the Doc’s office and I can’t figure if I’m moving or the chair is moving!
Granted, the floor moving was bad enough, but when the chair got involved, I got really upset.
You’ll love the irony when that symptom first started.

One of the few times I ventured out of the house-- I went to a vestibular support group at a local hospital.
Well, here we go with the glasses again, but, I had put on a new pair of glasses, and had popped a Xanax.
I was sitting in flo light at the meeting. So all of a sudden the darn chair starts moving or floating underneath me,
and it took every ounce of self-control not to try and run out or say something. I just sat there biting my lip, stunned.
This is what I mean about not wanting to leave my house anymore because I keep being shocked.

Now I’m getting paranoid, that the Xanax might be messing with my brain’s ability to adjust to glasses.
It’s called the VOR. Vestibulo ocular reflex. I have read that Benzos can affect how the VOR works.
Our VOR is what allows us to take glasses on and off without sensory conflict. So since Benzos affect
the VOR and our brainstem, no wonder they tell people to knock off the drugs for 2 or 3 days before vestibular testing.
Me off xanax would not be pretty . . .


I much prefer to feel the bed moving, than to be sitting. I can stand, but prefer to walk. I can lie, and feel the bed move. But sitting - forget it! I sit at my computer in a chair that swivels and I am swiveling constantly! When i sit at the kitchen table, I sit on two legs, like kids do and get yelled at by their mom, so i can keep the chair moving. Sitting is my least favorite position. When i do go out, and that’s only to my doc appointments, i won’t sit in the waiting room. I wait out in the car, reclined, until they’re ready for me. (front desks hate me)

Interesting about the benzo and eye accommodation thing.


I nearly went insane in the waiting room today.
I kept going to the ladies room to hide and pop xanax.

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