Difficulty Working

New to MAV and new to the site - first of all - thanks to the many of you who have already given me great feedback. I have learned that this disease is a mystery to both patient and doctor. Apparently - I have made good progress according to my doctor on Topamax. I have regressed with symptoms a couple of times - once when I got sick with the flu - and once when my meds were boosted. It seems tweaking my meds does seem to cause a problem. Since the onset of original sympoms - I went through about 4-5 months of a downward slide where they couldn’t find what was wrong with me. I am currently on the upswing and the meds are helping - For those of you who have had this for a while, how do you cope with working long hours? Have you had to change careers? I have had to leave my position which was very challenging mentally - will I be able to return at some point?


I have been self-employed for a little over a year. I finally had to do away with one business because I could no manage the upkeep. Now down to 18 hours per week, I find that my one long day (7 hour) at the computer is difficult to handle. I usually come home, eat and crash. My other job is as patient advocate/private care. Short days, up to 3 hours, helps. As it stands now, I can’t ever see myself going back to full-time to any job. Then again, I’m not ready to give up just yet. I do what I can manage, add where I can, and take off when I can. Being my own boss and working with people who understand my position has been invaluable.
*Edit to add that all things are possible.