Discussion about Mental Welfare, Psychotherapy & Psychiatry wiki post

James it is probably just me but I was furious when it was suggested I went to a mindfulness clinic!!! I hadn’t been given any medication at that point, was walking with a stick, vomiting doing anything at all and desperately in need of help which probably explains my reaction so maybe your suggestion should be accompanied by the suggestion that therapy may help once the disease has been thoroughly investigated and medication and dietary changes have been sorted first. That would have at least made me feel that I wasn’t just being fobbed off as a neurotic female!


That’s true Margaret, I know how you feel, but I guess it’s is part of their mantra and protocol to exhaust conservative-as-possible therapy before they dish out the pills …

Like you, though, I didn’t respond enough to the psychotherapy and needed the druuuuugs

I’ll update the post with a bit more clarity around this, taking your comments onboard.

I was gobsmacked when I went to the GP having been 24/7 dizzy for over two months to be offered Citalopram with the inference I had Anxiety, and with an appointment to attend a course of CBT! I declined the drugs, attended one CBT Counselling Intro and came out laughing because the Counsellor advised me against pursuing the CBT classes because the next stage involved travelling by bus into busy town, negotiating my way to classes and ‘coping’ in large busy classroom which she thought I looked far too dizzy to manage without faling over! Helen

Maybe we should start our own MeToo campaign!!