Dizzes Getting Together!

This board has been a refuge to me and a wonderful source of information in my plight against this wicked ailment.

Along the way, I have met (and am still meeting :smiley: ) many great people!!!

We (Wife and 2 daughters, 14 and 10) will be seeing “Rockysmom” (aka Kelley)…as she and her clan venture up to the great Northwest for a visit during the summer!!!

I will be taking them on a personal pike fishing trip (guided by yours truly :mrgreen: ) and cheffing up a dinner to die for:

New York steaks drizzled with gorgonzola sauce on the back deck overlooking the pine trees…coupled with grilled veggies with spices on them and topped off with a Northwest specialty… homemade Huckleberry Cheesecake with homemade vanilla ice-cream. Then, off to the fire pit for some amber ales and red wine and good conversation :smiley: If we are fortunate (we live in the tulles), we will see some deer, moose, turkey, etc out and about).

My analytical mind was thinking…if you bring two dizzies together, you might have the same effect as having two antibodies with similar ailments but with a common goal ie…Antibody genes also re-organize in a process called class switching that changes the base of the heavy chain to another, creating a different isotype of the antibody that retains the antigen specific variable region. This allows a single antibody to be used by several different parts of the immune system. Hence…WE ARE MAGICALLY HEALED!! Or…we just get buzzed by the fire pit drinking some beer and wine and have some good conversation and meet some new friends from around the country. :mrgreen: Todd

I’m coming to this party.


Hey, Since Todd is cooking, I say the more the merrier!!
I’ve been lucky enough to meet 3 people with MAV and they are all awesome…but sorry Todd, there was no big bang happening that made as better! Maybe the huckleberry cheesecake will be the catalyst? :slight_smile:


The Huckleberry Cheesecake will do it…it’s all in the preparation and presentation. :smiley:

And Mup…you are invited. However, to add a bit of flair to the party…you need to bring some food that is native to your area!

And no…you have to be a little more creative than rice or beans :lol:


So fun!

I always thought we needed to do a “MAV CONFERENCE!”

No, what we need is a MAV benefit concert.

We’ll ask Janet Jackson and that bloke from The Beautiful South (who’s a Dr S patient)to do a few tunes and take it from there…

Who’s gonna be the host country/

If Kelley has enough wine in her, I am sure she will be willing to karioke a Bon Jovi or Eagles tune for us all by the bon fire. If it’s any good, I will pitch $5 bucks into the pot to get the ball rolling… :mrgreen:


Rice is not native to us but baked beans yummy!

I’ll make a roast dinner, do proper fish and chips with your catch and a Full English for breakfast followed by a million cups of tea - and not that Lipton crap you lot drink!! :lol:

If we have any hopes of seeing any wildlife at all, don’t ask me to sing. NO matter what. The only thing I do worse than sing, is dance…have you seen Elaine from Seinfeld dance? She looks like a Pussycat Doll next to me. :slight_smile:


Oh, that sounds like wonderful fun! We’re just on the other side of the state. Which is a lot closer than London or Sydney!

The kid is still doing well. His symptoms edged up once in a while (he missed one day of school after Easter because he was too dizzy), but mostly it all seems to be under control.


I would love to have a MAV “conference” with Todd’s good cooking. We sort of had a mini version earlier this year here in Sydney with me, Vic, and Gabrielle at Bronte beach. Given most are in the US, maybe the most central place to have such a meeting is California. Somewhere warm!

“Migraine associated vertigo first World Congress 2012 – one world sharing knowledge”

Scott 8)

Sign me up Scott!
I think it would be great! Although most people like Las Vegas, so I"m in a good spot for people to come to me…lol…although with all the lights and sounds etc…it’s prob not the best for Mav’ers. What about Lake Como in Italy? We can ask George Clooney to host.

It’s a “go” !

Just like Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams”…“If you build it…he will come”.

“If I host it…they will come” :mrgreen:

The only requirements:

  1. Don’t bring any food or drink…just bring a hungry tummy. :smiley:

  2. No talking about dizzy stuff while you are at my place! We have all been dealing with this sh## for long enough!

    I am sure there is more interesting conversation that we can all come up with :lol:

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Take care everyone and have a nice rest of your weekend.