I need help with this weird kind of dizziness/equilibrium. Ever since I was little I used to get this feeling that
the ground beneath my feet is shaking or that like I’m on a boat. This dizziness worsens when I got on elevators,
amusement rides, swings etc. I used to avoid them like the plague. When I was little I also got a taste of
depersonalization/derealization attacks which used to scare the heck out me. Although the feeling was exteremely
scary, it did not last for long and came in waves until recently when it started assailing me 24/7. It was pure
terror and impossible to ignore now. I went to a psychiatrist and he prescribed sertraline and clonazepam which are
both highly effective in combating this debilitating sensation. After a year of treatment I have discontinued the
meds and the sensation is still there but not as strong as before(very manageable). I am glad that I have clonazepam
stashed for times when things get out of hand. What I want to know is the nature of this sensation. Is it vestibular
or is it anxiety or something else? I also have very bad eye strain,extremely tired eyes, astigmatism, migranes in
left side of my brain. I’m 27 years old male.
Here are few points about my condition-
-Sensation best described like the ground beneath my feet is shaking up and down(or like on a boat) worsened by
getting on certain moving objects
-definitely worsens when looking at computer screens for long hours but not television screens.
-benzos like clonazepam provide instant relief from the sensation
-ssri also work to reduce the sensation
-does not get worse when I excercise
-attacks worst when I’m sitting still and lessens somewhat when I start moving around
-sensation bothers me more when my eyes are tired
-spinning vertigo was never experienced
-pain and strain in left side of the neck
-ears are fine
-bad night vision

Pardon my poor english.

You have been living with these symptoms for a very long time and they have obviously made it extremely hard for you to have a very enjoyable life. They do sound very much like vestibular migraine. Have none of your doctors recommended seeing a neurologist or neurotologist? These are the specialists who treat this type of condition. Although the meds you’ve tried are used in treating MAV there are many other medications that can help.
I think getting a proper diagnosis is the first step for you to take so you can understand what you are dealing with and whether to start any treatment.
So glad you found our forum - you will find a warm welcome here, much information about vestibular migraine and any help you need. Your english is excellent - what country are you from?

Thanks for the warm welcome Barb. I see a psychiatrist who is also a neurologist. He is said to be the best in our area. He is also treating my schizophrenic mother. I however doubt that he knows what he is up against in my case. He did not tell what he diagnosed me with. I’m from India.

I’m thinking about visiting an ENT who specializes in treating vertigo. There are no neurotologists in my area. I also seem to have visual vertigo. My dizziness is triggered by being in closed spaces, staring at computer monitors, in malls etc

Hi Methanol,

My problems flared up after after travelling. I felt like the ground would move a little beneath my feet but only for a few seconds or I felt like I was shifting/moving when I wasn’t. I remember eating and thinking I was going into my dinner plate! I thought this was all because I had stayed in a hotel and had been riding elevators all week, not sure if it contributed to aggravating my symptoms or was a coincidence. I’ve also had derealization 24/7 for a few months straight after my trip and pain in the right side of my neck. Not knowing what’s happening to you can really make you anxious. I’m sorry there are no neurologists in your area, I hope you do get to see a good ENT that can help!