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Dizziness improved by movement

I have Vestibulopathy and I often experience dizziness when sitting still that is improved by consistent motion like walking or spinning. Does anyone else experience this?

I also have Autism so it might be atypical vestibular processing interacting with the vestibular disorder.


Welcome, Clare.

Sorry to hear that you are suffering!

You are an interesting case, for sure, thanks for sharing that with us.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, during my really ill phase I was more comfortable running than walking (My vestibular symptoms were imperceptible whilst running).

Yeah, it’s a bit strange. The only reference I’ve come across is in the explanatory notes for the diagnostic criteria for PPPD.

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My problem with trying to move while having a VM attack is I fall over due to the crappy balance. If I can keep my balance, walking does seem to help, right up to the point that I stop.

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