Dizziness in LA

Hi everyone, I am new here my journey has begun since last week, when I was always feeling like I was bopping my head, i went to the clinic and they couldn’t tell what i had because my description didn’t necessarily describe all my symptoms,now in hindsight i don’t know why they didn’t try the basic methods to find out if i had it

Later that day around 9:00 p.m. last Thursday I was laying down in bed after smoking a joint, and when I got up I definitely felt like my balance was way off but I was not spinning at all whatsoever, but just felt like my balance is really off so I ended up just going to bed early to see if it maybe wore off. It did the next day, however I’ve been having this feeling of being on a boat constantly, I have done some maneuvers and it has helped but I also feel like I’m maybe doing some maneuvers wrong and exacerbates the symptoms.

Ultimately speaking I’m afraid this issue may become chronic luckily I do have an appointment set up for house ear institute here in Los Angeles so I’m hopeful that they will be able to remedy it with a quick maneuver and I’ll definitely request some physical therapy.

Is there anyone here that maybe suffered for a few months or a year or two and then it went away on its own and hasn’t come back to haunt you?

Do you guys recommend anything to keep it at Bay? I’m really really afraid that this may become permanent or something that I’ll have to deal with often.

Last but not least it seems that there’s two camps where people fall under people that get it for maybe one day or week they go see a therapist it gets fixed right away and never comes back and people that just always have a permanently or suffer with a chronically I find that really strange.

I forgot to mention that, i have been having some ear problems, probably from an infection and lots of headphone use, so i have this thing called palicousis that’s slowly gone away, i also made the mistake of picking my ears a lot and i also picked up vaping,which i think may be the culprit because it makes me feel thirsty often, and also forgot to say that it could be the neck because of bad posture, it feels like my posture lately tilts to the right which is also the ear that’s giving me problems with balance .

Thanx for reading guys!!


Temporary is bppv which can be corrected with the epley maneuver. Consult a ent on that. For chronic suffers like me it’s likely mav migraine associated vertigo or pppd. Or both! I’ve been on a cgrp now for the past 4-5 months but I really started to feel the improvement when I startled to work out 6 days a week. I’m not 100% more like 80% now which I am very grateful for. Most people start to feel improvement in various degrees at 6m to 1y. Your dizziness can be caused by a ear infection. Are you in los angeles? If so look up doctor Edward cho out of cedar Sinai or Dr Ian Purcell in San Diego. Both specialize in dizziness. Hope you recover soon. Things get better if not from time you can use medication.


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Mind your spelling please :mortar_board: :+1:

Sounds interesting, but I couldn’t find anything on the web that covers this, are you sure about the spelling?

It’s probably this: Palinacousis


which is caused by brain damage?

Sounds a bit extreme for a bit of excessive headphone use and an infection unless it was Meningitis but that is extremely rare (more so Encephalitis)?

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Hi Brian, I’m in los Angeles and I’ll look up that doctor for sure, my dizziness has improved since I wrote this, however some days are better than others, yesterday i felt great but started feeling dizzy again at night. I have no issues sleeping in either side, i never had full blown vertigo just lost a bit of my balance. I just feel lost still and waiting to see an ENT.

I went to the house ear institute and the doctor just said that I have a vestibular migraine they performed the epley and nothing else I feel lost because he just gave me a piece of paper that says you have vestibular migraines and this is how to control it.

He said that residual Dizziness lasts for up to 6 months he said that I may not have a very bad case because I never spun out of control and it probably isn’t bppv.

The thing is I did tell him that I had a friend that performed the epley maneuver because she has issues similar to mine and maybe that’s why he did not notice in the nistgamus.

Sorry about this yea it’s palinacousis. Sorry for confusion and late reply.

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I have a bad tendency of picking my ears, maybe that’s why? Either way my palinacousis has been getting better but now i have to deal with this, i feel like I’m losing control of my life.

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Hello all, I’m just updating you guys with my recent visit to the house ear institute, unfortunately my visit didn’t go very well the doctor, was not really interested in my condition i explained about my palinacousis and my dizziness and he just said i have a vestibular migraine.

They just gave me a print out, and I also asked him to prescribe me a vestibular therapist but the paperwork has not arrived, so I’m thinking that he just didn’t go through with it. And now had to set up an appointment with the ENT so they can prescribe a vestibular therapist.

Ironically yesterday was the first day that I felt 80% normal but it only lasted a few hours by night time I was back to being dizzy and I thought it could have been the tour guide with the bumpy ride but when I was walking around the streets I felt fine it wasn’t until I got home and sat down that I began feeling to dizziness maybe I sat the wrong way.

Don’t get me wrong I do feel a lot better since my first post, however this residual is driving me mad, how long does it take for things to clear up?I have a feeling that I’ll be able to beat this because I never spun out of control or anything like that just feeling like I’m on a boat sometimes and I feel like I’m bopping my head primarily when I’m sitting down.

Sometimes if I try to stretch by trying to touch my tippy toes a migraine will come on, and it’ll be really really strong like it feels like there’s a bunch of pressure on top of my head primarily the back sometimes and it’ll crawl up to one half of my brain usually the right side

Today I’ve been doing the typical stretch again and no migraine this time which is good but I just don’t know what’s going on I definitely think I have BPPV because I remember having nistgamus when my friend was performing an epley on me. Maybe the crystals haven’t fully dissolved?

If anyone lives in Los Angeles please get in touch with me, I need a friend right now, and I am running out of options, and I feel really alone I can’t always talk to my girlfriend about this because she has really bad anxiety too and I’m just trying not to stress her out more.

Thanx for reading,
Your friend inLA

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It takes time to get better, have you considered taking preventative meds? Qulipta helps me… took me a good 6-7 months to get to 80% I’m still trying to reach 100%… diet and exercise has helped also. Start with migraine diet for now.