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Dizziness to now headaches

Hello! Has anyone’s daily dizziness / swaying / motion intolerance / vertigo morphed into persistent bad headaches? I am now really only dizzy when I have headaches but I’m having a bad headache everyday. I’m on 75 MG topamax. Thanks!

Did you search on your title? Quite a lot of useful info comes back.

Me. I had MAV for many years - mild symptoms that morphed into chronic migraine headache.Like you, I had bangers everyday or was recovering. The pain was out of control. Amitriptyline eventually seemed to knock it on the head. Came off the Ami when headaches abated but about six months later dizziness and daily MAV symptoms started to creep back (though I’ve never lost a mild feeling of ear fullness since all this started) until it turned chronic.

You have my sympathies. Hope things improve. Are you getting your meds reviewed?