Dizziness & unsteadiness 24/7 ? Anyone?

I have this symptoms everyday! 24/7 Most days it may be not so bad and other day, I sit on the couch most of the day, I have 4 kids and 2 foster children and I am Needed at all times, so I try SO HARD to get up , and get things done, but I have to hold on, or sit down and take “breaks”

Anyone else with MAV whose MAIN symptom is being off balance and Rocking ALL the time, Watching me sit in a chair is AWFUL I really rock and sway, like I have to lean back on the chair or to the side just to find a lil security. Peopel see it too , its not just a feeling. I walk drunk all the time, I am always holding onto things so I dont fall over, its just NONSTOP.

I am hoping to hear from you who have the same issues, I need the support

Yes, bless your heart. I have 2 children and that is hard enough let alone 6 children! After meeting with Dr. Hain, you will hopefully find some relief!

In the meantime, have you tried some over the counter medication such as meclizine (bonine) or antihestimines like benadryl? (will make you tired) I have found some little relief in meclizine but does make me somewhat droswy which makes me wonder if that makes me more dizzy?! What gives!