Dizziness/vertigo caused by mold exposure

I just wanted to come on here and share my story. Back in January I started getting intense episodes of dizziness (in addition to a variety of other symptoms including nausea, headaches, anxiety, sensitivity to light and sounds, etc.). The symptoms would typically come in waves, but I had a baseline level of dizziness/imbalance 24/7. For a period of time I was bedridden and was walking with a cane. Over the course of the next few months I made several trips to the ER, had several neurological scans done (CT, MRI), and saw a bunch of specialists (ENT, Neuro-Ophthalmologist). I was prescribed all kinds of medications from beta blockers to SNRIs and even Botox. I did several months of vestibular therapy and even cognitive behavioral therapy. Unsatisfied with my progress and tired of only having pills thrown at me, I eventually went to a functional medicine doctor who quickly suggested mold toxicity. I had testing done in my apartment which confirmed the presence of toxic mold and submitted a urine test, which showed I had high levels of 3 different types of mold toxins in my system. I moved out of my apartment and started a detox regiment. Since then most of my symptoms have subsided and although I’m not quite 100%yet, I have greatly improved and I have my life back. I am back at work and was even able to get married and go on my honeymoon in Italy this past August.

If you have having unexplained dizziness/vertigo/imbalance, especially in the presence of other symptoms, I would encourage you to consider the possibility of mold toxicity. During my sickness I was mis-diagnosed with migraine, vestibular migraine, and PPPD. None of these ever really made sense to me since I had no history of migraine or motion sickness. It seems like doctors sometimes make these diagnoses as a “catch all” when they don’t really have an answer for what is ailing you.

If you have instagram account you can follow me at @tacklingtoxicmold. I have been documenting my story there as well as discussing what has helped me in my recovery.

Wishing everyone the best on their healing journey!


I once worked in an office which had mould on the ceilings. It infected my sinuses badly. My doctor wrote me a certificate and my employer had to give me an office in a different (mould-free) building. Mould can cause all sorts of illnesses.

Thanks for sharing your VM experience. It is always good when people have access to a wide variety of possible ‘cause’ avenues to explore. Others have found similar and their experiences are easily found by using the forum’s Search facility. Useful to be aware when searching that this site is worldwide and spellings vary. The US’s ‘mold’ is ‘mould’ in many other English speaking countries. Using both will provide many references. From memory the one good thing about discovering the cause to be mould related is that if it is possible to remove the trigger a successful outcome is generally predicted. I am pleased you have been able to avoid the long term use of drugs and get back to your pre-MAV state.

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Yes indeed Helen, you are quite right:


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