Dizzy newbie here

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I have been battling with vestibular migraines since 2014 when I sprained my neck at the gym. I had the worst head pain in the back of my head that I’ve ever had, and I ended up in hospital for a week being checked for a haemorrhage. Once that came back clear I was sent to a neurologist who just thought I had standard migraines and didn’t check my balance. He tried me on lots of meds (nortriptyline, baclofen, gabapentin, occipital nerve blocks etc.), but none of them worked for me. He then decided to discharge me when he couldn’t figure out how to help me!!

I then found a chiropractor with a specialist interest in neurological conditions. He suggested vestibular migraines. I have been working with him for a year now and also hunted out Dr Surenthiran. I saw him privately in December and he started me on pregabalin; unfortunately I had a bad reaction to it. I’m seeing him on the NHS next week so hoping he can find a drug that works for me. I must confess I have struggled to stick to all of his dietary recommendations; particularly no caffeine and no cheese! I have also recently had botox treatment but it has actually made me dizzier.

I am experiencing a ‘flare up’ at the moment as I have recently had a bad virus and I think my whole balance system is off because of it. I also had a bad bout of vertigo end of October last year.

My main issues/concerns with this condition are that I struggle with my full-time, office based job (lots of screen work and reading), as well as trying to finish my degree (again lots of reading and screen work), plus my brain gets very tired driving long distances, particularly to places I don’t know. I can also get a flare up, usually with a headache, if I tweak my neck during exercise. The GP has also said not to ride my horse until my condition is under control. I usually get a flare up about a week before my period, so hormones are definitely a factor for me.

I am really feeling quite poorly with my VM at the moment hence joining this forum. So, yes, hello :wave:

Gosh, JJ, sounds like an injury kicked it off, like me. Crappy luck! :frowning:

Sorry but also glad you’ve found us. :slight_smile: Welcome to the board!

Check out the big med poll to see what meds have helped members.

There is a huge amount of linked stuff in the welcome post too.

Let’s view this stage as the start of your recovery! Hope the relapse is over shortly.