Dizzy spin!

hi all, well ive been doing reasonably well until yesterday I stood because I needed to stretch so I stretched put my head back then all of a sudden I heard my neck click then next minute im on the floor in a violent spin for about a minute but days before this I had been having a tight soreness in my neck,can anyone elaborate whats happening here please???

Sounds like head pressure to me. I’d avoid that move for a while.

I’m sure an isolated incident though.

Any fallout, how do you feel now?

I spent most of the day yesterday in bed afterwards and today I feel like I could spin again but not sure if I will or not grrrrr this bloody illness fills me with joy…NOT! :rofl:

It’s so annoying how it gives with one hand … then takes away! grrrrrrrrrrr

how are you doing james?

Improving … balance is back more or less full time (without meds). But still getting tinnitus and vertigo in bed some nights. But overall: improving!

yayyyyy im so pleased!! lets kick this beast into touch!

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We will! Keep soldiering on!!

For now it’s almost enough under control it doesn’t bother me so much and definitely no longer limits me so much … it’s now in the ‘annoying’ box.

ohhh the good old annoying box I think my annoying box is very full I need a spring clean and s#@t loads of alcohol :rofl: its soooo sad how people don’t come back and tell us there success stories and maybe update for a few years after id love to hear them!

Totally agree … I think this is partly because this forum moved around platforms a bit …but now we should have some stability … not much touches the Discourse engine and it keeps improving year on year. I run a local community forum for my housing development on it too (separate instance of course).

However, I’ve noticed this on the Healthboards too … people just disappear and never go back to provide an update … guess they must be coping ok :slight_smile: