Hi Dizzy,

I was just wondering if you’d been for your appointment at the new joint migraine/neuro-otology clinic yet at queen square?, pretty sure you said you had an appt for Feb. Just wondered how it went and whether they had any interesting advice.


Wow! A thread bearing my name- almost didn’t see it! I’ve posted on various threads recently with various updates but just to recap…

I thought I was going to the joint balance-migraine clinic last Monday, but it turned out to be just the otoneurologist. I had a good old cry as I’ve been having a really rough time recently (loads if time off work sick, husband threatening to leave me etc.). So she decided to start me on 10 mg Amitriptyline and reduce my Dothiepin from 100 mg to 75 mg (which I’ve been on for 7 years it so). AND apparently the joint clinic is tomorrow so I’m going back for that at 1.35 pm.

Since the new drug regime I’ve been really up and down. Initially felt great - sedated and chilled, not too dizzy. Then I began turning into a zombie, falling asleep 3 times a day and feeling depersonalised with background dizziness, depression too. Got quite anxious too with v fast heart rate, which may be withdrawal effects from the doth. (I was prescribed doth for panic disorder 7 years ago). Today a bit better dizziwise, still sleepy but slightly less zombified. Ami playing havoc with my digestion though and have dreadful runs (sorry if TMI!!).

So back to Queen Square tomorrow to see what next step is. Not sure if she wants to continue increasing ami and lowering dothiepin. We will see. I’ll post on the train home tomorrow.

Thanks for asking!