Do Android phones cause dizziness like iPhone ios7?

Hi all.

My iPhone is acting buggy and it’s 2 yrs old now. Time to replace it. I have the parallax turned off and am not sure how badly it triggers me now. I am considering getting an android if the same problem does not exist on those phones. Does anyone know?


I have been googling it and have not found a connection between motion sickness and vertigo and any other cell phone. Only iPhones with iOS 7 have this problem I guess? Do any of you use android phones with no problem?

I have an Android and it doesn’t affect me. But then again, I don’t use an iPhone so i don’t know if that could trigger anything or not.

Ios7 triggers vertigo and nausea in users with no vestibular problems. When I upgraded my phone to ios7 it made me really dizzy and nauseous if I was looking at the screen doing things on the phone for 5 or 10 minutes. I went into the settings and set it to “reduce motion”. It got a lot better but I find if I use the phone for too long it still makes me woozy. I think I am going to switch to android just to reduce my triggers because i use the phone a lot.

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That is absolutely, by far, the most ridiculous post I have ever seen anywhere, on any migraine, crazy med, or dizzy people site.

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Thanks for the laugh.