Do any UK users have a Cefaly device?

Hi I was wonder whether anyone in the UK has a Cefaly device they would be willing to rent out to me for a month? I would of course also pay for secure postage to and fro and the cost of the electrode things.

I know this is a long shot but I’m hardly able to work at all at the moment so I would like to try one out to see whether it would be worth the cost of buying one for the longer term or not. An old style one or a new style, either would be great…


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I don’t know if this is true in the UK but Cefaly has a 60-day money back guarantee here in the US. About half of the customers send them back within that time. The rest of us have no intention of trying to live without it and worry about whether it’s charged and pray the thing never breaks. Anyway, see if you can’t get that 2 month free trial.

Thanks for your suggestion. I just checked and on the Cefaly UK site it does say they have a “cooling off” period and if you find it isn’t helping you, they will return £280 of the £336 it costs. They say “Only products returned in perfect condition, in their entirety and in their original packaging can be accepted for return” so hopefully that wouldn’t cause any problems. If nobody offers on here, I guess I will try to buy one and hope for the best.

Cefaly doesn’t require a prescription in Canada and it looks like they offer the money back guarantee there, too. I can’t tell because the website immediately re-directs me to the US website, but a FAQ I found on another site suggests they offer the same deal in Canada as they do the US. Might be worth a try. I know US migraineurs hop the border for it.

No doubt you will have already tried the obvious, Ebay etc? I’ve heard it was possible to ‘rent’ them? I am also almost sure I read somewhere a couple of years back one of the Migraine Charities was offering financial help with some treatments. Would be worth enquiring. The Migraine Trust and the Brain and Spine Foundation were two I used to follow a bit at one time. May have been them. As @flutters says there’s a sale or return agreement on them usually and this also applies in the UK. I would be surprised if you’ll be offered a loan. Seems those that have them and keep them would fight tooth and nail to keep them but if you do I understand a minimum of 8 weeks is considered the minimum trial. Cefaly is approved by NICE for the NHS to use but isn’t available on prescription although there is some stipulation that its effectiveness should be overseen by your GP! Not that I can imagine that’s very likely to happen generally somehow. Helen


Hi Helen yes I have seen a couple posted on eBay but they’re still pretty expensive. I have done a fairly thorough search and not found anywhere that rents them in the UK. I don’t even get face to face appointments with my GP any more. I get a 2 minute phone consultation if I’m lucky! Never mind, I think I will probably buy one from the Cefaly site and then trial it for as long as I can within the 8 week window of returns… Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh My GP’s surgery has been operating the telephone appointment system for about two years. Must admit I didn’t think I would like it but it’s OK actually. Mind you I’d very much doubt if my GP has ever had any experience of a Cefaly device if I did ask her.

Our appointment system works pretty well. You phone in and providing it is before a certain time, 2.00pm I think, you are guaranteed a same day call back and if the Doc deems it necessary for you to be seen you will always be seen that same day. They don’t restrict you to 2 minutes either. Full ten minutes isn’t at all unusual. Works pretty well for many conditions, MAV for one I found. It’s a nightmare for some in the UK. Relatives have to wait 5 weeks for an appointment! Doctors all seem to have their own way of restricting access. These telephone calls stand in lieu of an appointment and as Appointments are supposed to be ten minutes duration perhaps you need to remind your GP of that if you feel it’s being rushed.

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