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Do earthquakes trigger your symptoms?

Today in the morning we had a really big earthquake of 6,3 magnitude, very long lasting.
The moment of the earthquake I felt so dizzy I thought I would pass out. Since then, my symptoms of rocking/bobbing/swaying/pushing are 10 times worse…
The same thing happened the previous month, with an earthquake of 5,8 magnitude.
Does this happen with anyone of you with MAV?
I’m worried I could have something else…
Thank you…

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Well you certainly won’t be overwhelmed with responses from the U.K. from memory the last big earthquake here was about 400 years ago though I believe a couple tiny ones within the last decade or so. Must be strange to experience but do stop worrying you have developed something else.

As I see it you need to stand back and start thinking more like your brain does. Everyday the floor in your aluminium room moves and sends false signals to your overworked and overwrought brain then today those false signals are coming over multiplied many times because the earth moved again but these times much more so and brain is even more confused than ever.

As MAVers we are more sensitive than other people to stimuli, internal and external so naturally we feel it more, quite literally it seems more intense to us, therefore we react more. This is just another overreaction caused by hypersensitivity. Possibly made even worse by our addition stress/anxiety levels. I certainly hope you don’t get any more imminently. Must be scary.

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That used to happen to me but it didn’t have to be that be an earthquake and the other after shocks. I was also sensitive to even bring in a 2 story building, the more floors up the worse it is. I’m not in Europe though… I’m in California, US and we sure do get eatrthquakes. To anyone around me. I always seem to feel earthquakes first, so early they think I’m making it up… then it happens.

The sensation during an earthquake is different to me than a migraine epsidoes. Not only is intensity but also how I am dizzy.

We had an earthquake of 5.9 last month - shocked too as we don’t get that many earthquakes either.

I immediately thought it vertigo. But nope!

I didn’t get any worsening of symptoms and I was pretty bad at the time.

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Thank you so much for the response, Helen.
I think I’ll have to move to the UK :slight_smile:
You’re right, I’ll have to somehow understand how my brain works while on this…
I also recalled that the worst of my symptoms also came up after a big earthquake last year…
I appreciate your support… :slight_smile:

Hello, @Gutwell. Thank you for your response!
We certainly are much more sensitive to any kind of stimuli than the other people…
Yes, I know that in California too it’s quite tough…
I don’t know if we can get used to that…
During the earthquake the dizziness is indeed a little different…
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, @Belindy.
Thank you for your response!
With all the rocking/bobbing/swaying/floating sensations it’s hard to know sometimes whether it’s an earthquake or not…
Thank you for answering :slight_smile: