Do i have MAV

Ok This all started in Oct 2009
I was sitting using my laptop on the sofa i went to get up when i had a suddern strange feeling the hole world went very spacy i lost a little balance and i had a panic attack (I didnt know what this was until i was told it was a panic attack)
I have a constant fuzzy headed feeling as if i could passout but with a buzzy feeling in my head, i notice thing moving or swirling very slightly, My eyes get very stiff and hard to focus they are almost fighting to look at anything but they dont want to jump around.
I have never had vertigo, The mild headache i have is like one you get if you had been up all night. I have attacks of what i can only discribe as a rush of fuzzyness in my head which makes all my head tingle the sort of tingle were you have been out all day in the wind and come inside.
I have maybe 2-3 times while sitting had this sudden head wobbling feeling only for a split second then it goes off.
I am constantly sleepy, i get bloodshot eyes.
At first triggers for the “attacks” were Tubelighting that flickered or a convayor in a supermarket moving also if iam in a car and stationary but another car next to us moves very slowly it makes me feel as if i am moving and i get a feeling that when the car stops i am still moving falwards vision wise and physicaly.
I have a constant unwell feeling and if i do too much i get a little shakey.
I have seen the GP 4 times and a ENT the GPs said that i have Labrythitis and the ENT were not intrested they were more intrested in the fact they found nasal polyps and that i had ETD in my right ear, and that i was having panic attacks, after some time alot of my symptoms have gone but just within the last few day the fuzzy dizzy weird feeling has ramped up again and the mild strange headache has got a little worse and these attacks have got worse, maybe the attacks are Panic attacks if they are then the after effects last a long while, i also get this strange feeling all over my body all of which is hard to exsplane.

Hi Euphora,

There’s nothing in your description that does not support a migraine-based cause for your dizziness, especially the flickering lights setting you off, the constant unwell feeling etc. Have you tried making some lifestyle changes and worked on eliminating possible triggers?

Best … Scott

Hi Euphora,

The unwell feeling in your head is much what I described when I first had this. I had a constant woozy feeling for 6 months before I got on nortriptyline which improved my symptoms quite significantly. I also described my symptoms as always tired. I always looked forward going to sleep at night because the days seemed hard to get through at times. I would say there is a good chance you have MAV.