Do I need to be off benzos for a VNG test?

Anyone know if it will be okay to take the test while being on benzos?

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Good question. I had the same question wrt to Amitriptyline but iirc it went ahead anyway despite Ami being a vestibular suppressant. Logic would suggest it will have an effect but it will be an equal effect so would not block insight into unilateral weakness.

If you don’t get an answer here, please let us know the opinion of your physician on this.

Btw, in which territory are you based? In the U.K. #benzodiazepine are discouraged due to their addictive nature. Let me encourage you to post a #im-new-let-me-introduce-myself Topic or even a #personal-diaries Topic.

My doctor was adamant about being off of all medications including even over the counter pain relievers of my VNG and Caloric testing. Absolutely everything.

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How many days in advance to be off all meds? My test is coming up on Wednesday (~5 days).

I’m in the US. I’ll introduce myself, thanks!

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Well I was not on any medications at the time, so it was a general statement “no medications even over the counter pain relievers” within 24hrs of the testing, but I would check with your doctor. It sure seems like they should have told you if the benzo would interfere. I have no idea if my dr was correct with his rules, this was not my beloved specialist who I trust completely … but the first ENT I went to.
I’d call the office to be sure.