Do vibrations tickle your nose and mouth?

Weird question, but I’m wondering if anyone else experiences this.

You know how we migraineurs are supposed to be sensitive to things such as light, noise, smells, pain signals, etc. What about vibrations?

I CANNOT use an electric toothbrush–have tried several times, but it causes UNBEARABLE tickling in my whole mouth and nose.

Often (not always) when I hum, my nostrils get an unbearable tickle as well.

Anyone else??

(I am NOT, however, bothered by light, noises, smells, etc.)


I haven’t had tickling from my electric toothbrush, but if I’m having a really off-balance day, the vibration makes me dizzier. I have to hold onto something while I brush.

I use to get the tickling sensation and I got very dizzy from my electric toothbrush. Since I started on the amitriptyline it’s great reduced.

such a funny question,
and yes I get it. But I thought I must have a lot of little hairs in my nose that were wiggling!!

Elswyth, yes vibrations such as from nearby heavy equipment make me dizzier, too.

Tracey, that’s cool that amitriptyline helped you with that problem!

Kelley–I have a nose-hair problem, too–whenever a stray hair in my left nostril grows long enough to touch the inside (left side) of the nostril, it causes a tremendously annoying “stabbing” itch. Took me years to figure out why it was happening! I cut the offending hair, and voila, problem solved. :slight_smile: