Do you all spin?

Im wondering if all of you feel spinning sensations? I havent really, only when I push my eyes to their corners when Im sitting and meditating; I start to feel like Im spinning, but it stops as soon as I stop with the eyes.

Used to. In fact violent spinning vertigo was the symptom which finally made me admit to myself that there was a problem and it wasn’t “all in my head” (no pun intended). In my case it was totally debilitating. The world appeared to whirl around me. Couldn’t stand up. Trying not to vomit and praying it would be over soon. Sorry about the graphic description, but I want you to understand how unmistakeable it was. I’d always heard of vertigo but I always thought people were just saying they were dizzy. My episodes were way beyond dizzy. Anyway the good news is I haven’t had any violent vertigo like that for at least a year and even the milder vertigo - where obects appear to rotate slowly for a couple of minutes - is mostly gone. Now it’s mostly just occassional imbalance and very occassionally I feel dizzy for a minute or two. If I could get about one more notch of improvemnt I’d be back to my old self.



are you on any med?

I used to have spinning episodes that lasted for days. Now, the worst episodes last for hours, but most only last for a matter of minutes. I’m guessing my brain is adjusting. I know some on the forum don’t experience spinning, or true vertigo, but instead feel rocking and/or other false sensations of motion.

Nope, and I never really have. I used to have EXTREMELY short “spins” when I ate certain trigger foods, but they lasted for less than a second or so.

Jason used to spin BAD before he got on the meclazine, and then the verapamil. Basically, he would spin so bad he would start hyperventilating (panic attack) and pass out. That was the reason he finally quit working, because after having this happen and throwing up, they finally (and he finally admitted) some thing was not right! There were times before the verapamil he would actually stumble or almost fall backwards from the spins. Now they can be mild but his spins are still bad enough sometimes that closing his eyes will make them worse, or trying to read can make them worse, or even me adjusting in the bed, or the dog wagging its tale on the couch. However he has always had some form of visual motion sickness, like when he was younger if he watched a kid swing (on a swingset) too long he would actually throw up and severe car (generally passenger) sickness.

Yes I spin badly, when I get a bad vertigo attack. It can last from 4 to 24 hrs and I cannot move off the bed. I lay propped up as I cant lay down, I have to keep my head perfectly still all this time until it wears off. I had one the day before yesterday. The mild background head that I have most days must have caused it, because I didnt take the painkillers to get rid of it.

I only had the real spinning with my episode in July and it lasted for three days beyond that mine is more the constant rocking wavy motion.

The only spinning I ever experienced was when I drank to much and tried to lay down, or when they put water in my ear for the ENG testing. Related to MAV, never.


I’m on Verapamil 180mg/day. I’m also taking Allegra and Singulair for allergies as well as allergy shots. Eliminated caffeine too. Wish I knew what was responsibile for the improvement - I’d do more of it.


Yes…that is how this dizzy nightmare condition began. I would have approx 2 vertigo episodes per year (always at night and wake up with vertigo). Three years in a row this went on and and then in June of 92 had another Bad spin at night and that is when the Rocking motion, tension in my head started up and began Chronic. The vertigo continued for a number of years later…but the last 4-5 years the spinning (vertigo) has subsided. I get maybe one or two half spins per year now. Vertigo was the worst symptom for me because the spinning would make me soooo sick and nauseated and i would vomit. This is a very under-estimated condition.


Yes, I spin terribly. Have had about 6 severe episodes over the last year - bad in that I am unable to move when they happen, I just lie there absolutely still and pray I don’t vomit.
When I am not spinning I feel carsick or I may have my “mini-spins” which last half a second. They seem to come in clusters. I’ve had several over the last couple of days so now I am feeling paranoid and afraid this means “the big one” is coming.
I live in fear of having a bad vertigo attack. It is on my mind constantly. 99% of the time.

I spin pretty violently - usually it lasts 5 minutes or so - I get VERY hot, and sometimes vomit. I also spin, then it slows down, and I start to spin in the other direction - lovely. Sometimes, I have general dizziness, but usually it’s just the violent spinning.